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I have to come realized that number of thanks has reduced ever since the cap was placed on number of answers a member are to provide to questions on each day. Are you still getting thanks as before?
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Even some days ago, I received some thanks. I doubt some members would be so generous. Especially now that everyone is trying hard to reach minimum withdrawal. 

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To be honest, I can't remember the last time I hit that "Thanks" button. Right now, I'm staying active here in order to reach the payout requirement of 3000 points, but I'm still far from that. Hence, every single point matters a lot to me. I really want to show my gratitude by giving "thanks" to people who gave their best efforts to help me, but I opt not to because that entails me losing my very own points. Had it not been designed that way, I think hitting that "thanks" button would be a a lot easier. The only option now to show my appreciation is by selecting best answers to my questions to help add to their current reputation. I guess after reaching 3,000 points, I'd be more happy to give the spare points. I don't think I'd be able to reach another payout before December 22.

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That's it. Those members looking forward to cashing out are no longer generous with their points as they used to.
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Yes,I give thanks when it is appropriate, I mostly give thanks to my personal questions when one have been able to either convince me with my question or I have gotten satisfaction answer.

I have noticed that the number of thanks I received now have reduced I think what I get now is mostly best answer and I wonder why that don't come with some points apart from just the green like people are now really conserving their points considering the reduction in the number of posts per day now.Every one is trying to get to payout.

I will be giving out more thanks when my questions are answered satisfactorily. I still have some questions I'm still yet to choose answers from,will assess them and thanked those that deserved and others should do same.
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Bro, I understand you. You've already cash out once and from how things stand you might not likely get up to the points needed for payout before the set date for change in payment policy. You can as well be generous with your points because they might not be needed by you.
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Well you can't blame people for not wanting to give away points, they are hard to come by. I must admit I haven't given any out since it meant that we give it to another member although I am grateful for everyone who replies to my questions. I still get the occasional thanks from people but I think those people are new and probably don't realise they are going to lose that point.  I actually think that it is enough just to give out a best answer because I'm sure that most people feel the same way as I do so it goes without saying that we are grateful for any replies people give.

Having said that some people have a very generous nature and don't mind giving a point away if they think someone has worked particularly hard to give out good advice. I admire people like that.
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I agree with you. From look of things, it's only the new members that don't know how things work are the only ones generous with giving away points via thanks. But for those aiming to cash out before December 22 are pretty careful in losing theirs.
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I won't make another cash out by then, at least I don't think I will because it's not long since the last one .. but I wonder if this will be the end of Answeree or else why would they ask us to do that? I suppose they could be introducing a different kind of pay structure.
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It's all good. Let's see how things would turnout as we approach the deal date.
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Hi. I hope both of you won't mind if I join your conversation. I actually posted a question on the pinned post asking what will happen to our excess points but unfortunately, I didn't get a response. Perhaps, they are still trying to come up with a strategy/mechanism on that matter. As @Sprite1950 said, these points are hard to come by, and imagine if you have 1,000 points in excess--this already equates to 10USD.
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@greencrayon you are welcome as always to add your wisdom to our conversation. I actually saw your question on the pinned post, and I wanted to re-ask the question since the response was not forthcoming from @answeree. I have also been thinking, what will happen to our points if we are unable to reach the pay out minimum before December 22?
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If they are asking us to cash out by 22nd December at 3000 points I would imagine that they will be lost. I'm kind of prepared for that. I suppose it's possible they could be carried over and perhaps become part of a new pay structure.  You two should make it but I definitely won't so my points could possibly be lost.
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That was a good point @Chrisking. I'm seeing some new members or even old members who have like 500 points or more. I wonder what will happen to those points. @Sprite1950 I think they mentioned that the points will not be carried over.

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I would suggest @answeree let us know what would happen to the points aggregated before then instead of keeping us in the dark.
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I think we now have the answer to our query. According to Answeree, "Earnings after a payout in this period [22 December 2018] will not be eligible for the rewards." That only means that the points in excess of 3000 will get lost, right?

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