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Are all points will remain after Dec 22 or it will be back to 0 in 2019? Those who did not reach the minimum 3000 points can still use their points in the new site?
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Hi @answeree,  To do justice to all those who are contributing to this site by way of asking questions and answering questions, I wish, pray and suggest that you should honor and pay all the members whatever amount they reach by 22.12.2018. As otherwise, it will be a injustice to all those who have reached, say $15 or $20 and they are not paid for what they have contributed here since the day of their joining the site. Everyone will be fuming and I am afraid people may not become that active on your other sites. I therefore humbly request you to change your mind, pay all the members whatever they reach by 22.12.2018 and not to insist that those who want payment must reach $30 threshold. It will be nothing but cruelty. I wish good sense prevails. I hope you will understand the feelings and expectations of the "askers" and the "answerers" here and make a good announcement in this respect soon.
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We are treating every members equally, whether it is 1$ or 29$ in their account it doesn't matter. A rule is same for each and every member. Still there is enough time to reach the minimum threshold. We are also considering lifting up the amount of answers that can be made per day for last 10 days or so. We are giving more than enough time to earn 30$. Otherwise it is very difficult to change a system in an already running site. Please cooperate. Thank you.
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Thank you for letting us know about these answeree. I really wanted to reach the minimum cash out there is still 30 days left or more.
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Yesterday I posted 2 replies on defat. It is still not approved. Similarly, I posted 2 replies more than a month ago. That is also not approved. Why so? It seems nowadays you do not attend to defat. @answeree, please reply.

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