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what kind of a person are you? Are you cool, always nice or introvert? Are you always ready to help and not expecting in return? Tell me what kind of a person are you?
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I don't think it's fair for someone to state the type of person they are. I like to believe that almost everyone when asked this question will attribute good qualities to their person. It is of my opinion that questions like this should be answered on behalf of a person. But anyways, i know am an introvert, the kind of person who finds comfort when alone or not around two many people. 
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I'm a simple little girl with a sweet personality. But becomes a demon if I saw people being oppressed.

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I think I'm kind most of the time but I have had to learn when to say no because some people will see it as a weakness and try to take advantage. I don't think anyone would describe me as cool unfortunately but I don't mind that. I would say I was more of an introvert as I have aged but when I was young I was definitely an  extrovert.

I'm definitely the sort of person who learns from mistakes and I will never repeat them. One thing I notice about certain people is they keep on making the same mistakes over and over but I want to be a better person and I will always strive for that.

My worst character flaw is my impatience, I hate waiting for anything and can get very impatient with people who are late. I'm the sort of person who turns up far too early for appointments rather than be late. I'm working on that although I don't know if I will ever change.
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It seems we do have the same attitude and the worst of me is being impatient too. I even had an anger management lately because of lots of bad stuff lately.
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I am the kind of person who will always choose books over movies. I seldom find a movie adaptation that sufficiently captures the story that the book narrates. I always tell this to my friends but they still opt to watching movies because that won't consume most of their time. I kind of agree with them on that matter, but I still enjoy reading books because when I read a book, I get to imagine every detail of every scene rather than seeing what the director of the movie wants its viewers to see.

I am also the kind of person who will always, and I mean ALWAYS, choose to stay in the comfort of my bed rather than go out in some random parties. I only went to a party once in my life, and that was only because a close friend of mine "hosted" the party, and also because he told me that that was his graduation party.

According to Myers-Briggs personality test, I am of the INFP type (81% introvert). I do not entirely believe the results of this test but I guess I am indeed the introvert type.

Now I wonder, what does being "cool" mean?
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I think being cool goes with having the same person doing the same thing or loves to do the same thing. That is the meaning of cool to me and you will hearing me saying "that's cool". That is me as a person.

Me, I think I am more of introvert that being extrovert because I love to do things on my own. It is kinda awkward when I am with someone other than my closest friends. 
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Oh. From your definition, I think I'm not even close to being cool, as I easily lose interest in so many things. I don't why that happens. Perhaps, there's the lack of motivation or I'm just too fed up with what's happening in my life right now.
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Maybe you are fed up with what is happening in your life. I feel you, it happens to me all the time. I even lost interest to things I am doing like after an hour, that fast.
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Am that kind of a person who likes going at her own pace. I hate being forced or pushed to do something which I feel like doesn't please me. Am always patient especially with people until you cross my line is when you'll see the other side of me. Also, am kind of an introvert but then I like mingling just for the sake of my social life. I prefer having several friends rather than having best friend (s).
Also, hate those kind of people wh try to seek in order to know much about me. I prefer keeping my personal life private and only let people know the basics and what they ought to know. I have heard issues with friends who try digging deep into my life and actually that's how our friendship ended. Finally, I hate gossiping because that's more like wastage of time.
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I like that you are keeping everything private and this is the first time I learned that there is a person who don't want to have a best friend. Nothing wrong with that and there are really people that would love themselves as a their best person.
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I also don't like the idea of having a best friend. It's better to have several friends so you know who to talk to on certain subjects or situations based on their different personality. 
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I like someone to always tell me the kind of person I am,because when I talk about myself it looks  like I'm painting a very cool picture of myself Lol,after all no body will want to castigate self no matter what.

Well,I believe I'm a cool and level headed person and I love to interact and keep friends though I don't like to keep too many friends. I have a huge phobia for crowd so I always stay out of a crowdy place. I'm an extrovert because I like to socialize and meet people but at the same time like to mingle with my type.

I'm easy going ,down to earth and a well calculated person, I love to help a lot and I'm always looking out for where to help people at least to create an impact.

I'm a godly person, a godfearing person. I try to do what is right. I hope at least one person can say this about me some day.
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What do you mean, well calculated person? I even guess you are really extrovert when I am reading your comments and i know you are a nice person to be with.
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I think I am an introvert as I easily get stress hanging around many people. I'm comfortable alone and with few friends. I am not cool I'm boring to be around sometimes.

I like with myself I am sweet and kind. I want to give gifts to friends and family. Sometimes I'm funny too if I hang around funny people too.

They say I'm a good girl. I'm just queit and will not quarrel anyone. I can be trusted to always do the right thing. I help in household chores without complaining. I respect my parents and I am kind to my siblings.

I'm also humble. I don't like bragging and always a low profile. I'm not arrogant.

I love learning too. I love studying and always got high scores in examanition. I think I'm a little nerd.

I both have good and bad personality traits.
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It seems we can be best of friends as I get annoyed with people immediately when they are starting to get noisy. I am introvert, or selective introvert because it only has a time that I feel like it.
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I think that I am the kind of person that has evolved over the years from one that was an introvert to this stage where I am not afraid to mingle with people in the best possible ways that I want. There are factors that have really helped me to become that unique personality and they are:

1. Environment: While I was growing as a kid, I stayed in an environment that one can simply say that he/she is restricted to playing with kids of same age. My mom is a seller and each time that we are back from school, it is required that we head to the shop to be with her. That contributed to how I stayed alone back then. All that changed when we changed environment and I was now closer to some people that on a normal day, I wouldn't be relating better with. So, while I was once an introvert, change of environment has helped me to relate freely with everyone.
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Yes, I agree, change of environment will change our attitude and how we communicate with people. And also we adjust to our environment that is why we need to accept change. 
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Succinctly, nobody can describe himself most perfectly since we all believe to be right in most of our judgements. However, for the sake of the question I'll describe my self a little. I am this person who is strict and very straight fforward that I don't take Mich for a joke. I speak nothing but the truth and I always want to hear it from the people. I don't start what ever I can't finish, even when the road gets tough and rough, I stick to the course. I equally love to always be depended on expecially on very important aand useful missions. I don't get tired of helping people and standing by them.
In my ideology, I don't feel bad to be used and cheated on, because it is the first theory of human philosophy that I got to admit. I don't feel right rather I choose to be nice,because it is better to love more than to always judge
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I really hope i have that kind of attitude, you do not start where you cannot finish, or I can be, i do start things that I can finish. I love your attitude and I also love those people who say everything straight to your face.
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Since this is talking about oneself, I'll try as much as possible to be honest with who I think I am. I am the type of person who is very easy going and down to earth with simple things in life. I love to have my life simplified by always being the one calling the shots in all I do, not living a complicated life giving room to others to manipulate me.

Basically, what freaks other people's out don't get to me at all. I have peculiar values I am not willing to compromise not for the sake of anybody in this world. I believe my worth lies in my values not necessary the cares this world offer. And once I am done with something, there is no going back for me--very focused and unwavering.

Most essentially, I love my God more than anything in the whole world. I believe and trust in Him, that He's the only one who can make happen for me things I can't help myself with.
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I go with your attitude. You stick to your values and you are respecting others by their differences. I believe and trust God too, and we cannot control his will. I just wish I those who freaks other people don't matter to me,because I freaks out too

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