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There are times we cannot stop to share what really feel and think, but if there is, do you share it on Social Media to let other's know or talk to a friend to ask for advises?
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It's a very childish thing to rant or get into war of words on any social media, although this act is something that is very common in most social media especially on Facebook. 

I simply try as much as possible to operate and use Facebook being below the public eyes view.
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I have to agree, it is becoming common. Some of the freedom of opinions we have are going over the boundaries that we will just say what we want to say, not minding if we will hurt someone or not. 
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No, I do not rant on facebook. I only keep it to myself or to my real friends.

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I see alot of people do this on social media especially on Facebook and I don't blame them,if that avenue will help ease the pains or lift the burden from them then so be it. I'm really a private person so I hardly share much on my different accounts,the most I do is chat with new and old friends and catch up on old times if I have a problem especially with anyone I prefer to have a conversation with such a person than talking about it on social media but I don't condemn others that does.

Rants bordering on Social and political issue can be understood at least someone is speaking up and out and might need others to know what's going on but others ranting about their private life online looks weird but if that will make hem sleep well at night then it okay.
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Yes some of them are crossing the borders that even tagging the person they hate or someone happen to read it, tag the person they assume have something to do about it, so the results, friendship ends. If they had talked privately, because we have a private message there, they should have resolve it.
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I am not active on any form of social media. Unlike people of my age, I seldom open my Facebook account. I only do so, as my classmates often use this conveniently when uploading photos of field works and other pertinent files. Other than that, I rarely go online.

I once asked a friend the very same question. I told her that I often wonder why people chose to rant on Facebook/Twitter rather than talking to the person to whom the post is directed to. She told me that sometimes what she wants is just to let her emotions out and not gather attention from other people. She also isn't good at confrontations; hence, talking to the person whom she has issues with is very unlikely to happen. And this is where social media comes handy. Whenever she posts things about her misadventures on Twitter, it often comes in a series of tweets. She calls this act as "shouting to the void" because she doesn't really want other people to read it or comment on it. She's merely letting it all out.

I do understand her point of view but I guess this depends on one's preferences or as they say, "to each his own". I'd rather talk to my most trusted friend and ask for advice on certain troubles or just keep it to myself than have other people talk about what I've been going through.

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I did what she did before. My Twitter is private and no one from my friends knows that account. I shout out everything there and I let it out to the world. However, I cannot do it on Facebook because I have lots of friends there. Yes, you are right, some people are ranting and they are not good in facing the problem with the people in person.
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I keep my personal life very private. In fact I just don't share out with anyone about my issues. Besides I don't find any essence of sharing out my life problem on social media because that's more of sharing your issues with the world because news/rumours spread very fast like wind. Of course have seen people sharing out their problems on Facebook and they've genuinely been advised well because you'll always find an expert in every social media. On the other hand, there are those people who will mock you and make you feel so low. They're always joking yet you seriously need help.

My advise is, never ask any advise from social media like Facebook. You'll end up being frustrated instead of being helped. Just seek help somewhere offline or some genuine online sites like just answer.
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That is something that is really happening when I am sharing my rant of Facebook. Instead of knowing someone is caring, someone is joking about it. It even shows how weak I am sometimes because they say so, but it is not.
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I don't rant on facebook or any other social media. I don't use social media to spread my rantings. I use social media for personal and professional networking and marketing my products/services.I don't thin social media is a place to make complains.
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How can one even think of ranting on social media to what end. What will be the gain from that, those are mere attention seekers making lousy noises all over the place.But ranting has never been my thing I sort out my problems more deeply.

I think if we are going through any stress that needs us voicing out talking to a friend or a close family member will suffice that way one can get the best counselling and words of advice not just rambling on social media and giving people enough gist to talk about all day.

When one is in a bad mood and need to let out the steam,talking to self can really help, sometimes I sit and look at things critically and try to advise myself on the right thing to do,I will be better off that way than ranting for likes and comments on social media.
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Actually some people voice out their reactions or what they feel as of the moment because it really helps them but on the other hand, it shows how you face your problems.
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No I can't stand those rants where people put up something that means nothing to the majority of people like "I'm fuming!". I never respond to those kind of posts because if they have something to say then they should say it and not make obscure remarks.

My private life is just that and if something is wrong in my life I don't want the whole world to know so I don't put it on Facebook or other social media for everyone to judge me. If I have a problem I will try and sort it out myself or ask my closest friends for advice. Many of the people on my Facebook are not personal friends but just acquaintances so I certainly wouldn't want them knowing my personal life.

I think many of the rants are people looking for sympathy when things are wrong in their life but I'm sure there have been a few regrets from those who have posted in the heat of the moment. Thank goodness for the delete button!
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and some people knows about filtering. They will only share the good stuffs not the bad stuffs in their life. Every bad stuffs is done offline and in person, I should be like that person.
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I am the least person that will go on social media and be ranting. I don't really see the need to do that. Why will I even consider doing a thing of such while knowing that the least I could get it mere pity party reactions from people that don't really care about my well being. Social media is not a place to get answers to questions or solutions to problems.

People that are fond of venting their displeasures on personal or social issues on social media are only seeking for attention, because at the end of the day nobody would even take them serious. Even though you are trying to send a vital message to government authority, I don't think they would be on ground to even hear what you're saying.
Personally, if I have problems, I would rather share them with a close friend or try to find the possible way I can resolve them on my own.
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Yes not all the time it is the answer to our question and we can solve our problems with ranting. I guess the proper rant should be a complain over a bad service we received, but something personal should be resolve personally.
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Issues that concern my private life are never discussed on social media.
There are times when discussions that are related to politics are been raised,  in topics like these I express my feelings or opinions extensively on social media platforms where such topics are raised but I don't go beyond boundaries that we lead to insults or other forms of assault, I try as much as possible to respect individuals publicly.
When topics related to relationships or marriage are been launched I also participate actively by learning from opinions and also contribute mine too.  Sometimes I make private conversations too to either advice or seek advice too.  It is very important for us to know things to share on social media because it comprises people of different level of understanding and reservation.
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Yes, I learned that something personal should be in private. You don't need the whole world to react to it and them to know what you are going through. Personal problems are there to handle personally.

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