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This could not be about a foundation but you donating small portion of money to something, or giving your time to be part of a foundation helping people, or a blood giving activity? Let us be inspired by your stories.
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Yeah, when I was a kid, I used to buy new toys with my savings and give it to the less fortunate.

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I might not have donated money to charity or blood to those who need it, but I have given the most integral part of me(knowledge) to children who were once ignorance about some certain areas of their academics. Immediately after my service year, I decided to go into voluntary teaching where I thought for few years with meagre pay. And yet I was passionate and enthusiastic in imparting knowledge to these kids.

During this period, my people thought I had gone crazy by taking up a job that has absolutely nothing to do with my course of study. Apart from my people disapproval, the unruly behaviour of the students were not encouraging either. But I chose to overlook these challenges, and I kept on been impactful because my primary motivation initially was to get something done for a noble cause.
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wow, you are really a passionate teacher. I wonder what the education world will look like if every teacher thinks like you do. It would be a better place for sure. I really hope you will not stop doing that. 
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Thanks for the compliment. Yes, I will not stop giving my best in whatever I find myself doing.
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I used to give blood on a regular basis because the mobile unit came round to the place I worked but I don't now that I am retired because I'm not sure where I would have to go. I did gain a badge though from giving a certain number of pints.

I donate on a monthly basis to the local Air Ambulance people where I live. They have done some amazing work in the local community and saved many lives, They even bought a new helicopter recently with the money donated by people like myself so I think it's a worthwhile cause.

I also donate to Guide Dogs for the Blind because I know a person whose life was transformed from having one of these dogs. I can't imagine living without my sight and these people really need those dogs to be able to get around. I sponsor a puppy who is then trained and because a fully fledged guide dog. When he is given to a blind person I then get a new puppy that I sponsor. We always get a photo of the new pup and they are all so gorgeous.
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I donated blood to when I was healthy. Right now because I am sure I am not, I cannot do it so I share my time and effort instead because I am of need of money as well.
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I also donate blood regularly. I have B negative blood which I think is rare. By donating on pint of blood every six months, I am saving life of a person who needs b negative blood. I also frequently donate to the victims of natural calamities like flood, storm etc.
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I once volunteered in some charity home for a period of 6months. When you cannot afford to give out cash, you can always spare some time. It really counts and means a lot. The kind of work in that home was very hectic and only a few volunteers survived and managed to make it everyday. All the time I worked there, I was never paid even a single cent but I really enjoyed what I was doing.

About blood donation, have been thinking about it for some time. I have seen some friends of mine having complications like for instance there's one who donated blood and since then he's always fainting oftenly. I really fear landing in such a situation but I can't watch someone die yet I can do something about it.

In case of any charitable work, am always available to lend a hand provided that I have time.
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Volunteering job is tough, but i met a lot of friends there. It really for a good cause because I learned to know myself more and learned that I can give my time for free, just like you.
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I have been part of a group that our goal is all about helping humanity.I'm a member of he rotary club in my country and our theme is to serve humanity.We always have a lot of activities to carry out mostly every end of the month or try to carry out a bigger project either quarterly or annually.

we donate blood to accident vicitms that need it,visit orphanages with gifts or cash,build health care centers or the aged homes,we see that government of the day is providing the basic social amenities to the people especially the rural areas and also teach people self-reliant skills.It has always being a great platform for me to contribute my quota to the upliftment of humanity and I always wished others can come on board to do same.
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You had done a lot of charity works and I am glad to know you this way. You really uplift the humanity and bringing back the faith to it as well.Good job!
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I haven't done something...yet. But I have always wanted to host a charity event for elders, for cancer patients, for the homeless and the like. I've been planning to do this on my birthday but for some reason it still hasn't materialized. Perhaps the thought of not being able to execute this properly has had me postponed it for a couple of times. But I want to do it so bad. I just hope my friends will help me with this.

I have also been wanting to donate blood but until now I still haven't met the weight requirement. Ever since college I've been visiting blood letting activities but I fail to participate just because I am underweight. Right now I'm doing my best just to gain weight enough to still keep my body healthy. In fact, even though my friends kept on inviting me to have a tattoo, I always told them that I won't get myself inked until I'm able to give some of my blood to those in need.
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Actually, thinking and planning of doing some charity works is a noble already because some people are too busy with their own life and you are putting this one as a goal. I pray that it will come true. we need people like you.
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Being one another keeper is the greatest cause anyone can do.Because the world will be a better place if we look out for the good of one another.Seeing the next person as a human that needs help and trying to help will be a laudable thing to do.

I try to do good all the time in my little corner. I know I try to visit the motherless baby homes as often as I can,I don't just go with gift but I set aside the whole day with my family to spend time with them.I make them feel loved and cared for.I also educate the young ones in my local church on sex education because there are a lot of misconceptions out there and someone needs to take the pains of educating them and obviously stating the fact.

I visit those in the hospital and help out wherever I can especially comforting them.
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Yes, I have to agree. It is kind of uplifting the humanity that there are strangers willing to help them and uplifting yourself that you can do better than anyone, promoting kindness.
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I do not belong to any charity group or foundation. I find the groups around here as a group of people's scheme to enrich themselves in the name of providing aid. I seldom go through such channels. I take the time out by myself, observe my surroundings everytime as I go by the day. I find the groups and the kind of people I render my assistance to.
Every month, I donate items to the less privileged in my society. It could be in form of cloth, food, money and other things I find necessary and critical to surviving in life. I have never in my life donated blood. However, recently, I've gotten into a discussion about donating blood and how much it helps in saving lives. This is something I am willing to adopt and hopefully I'll start donating blood soon.
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So far that is a good experience for you, to donate blood and some of your stuffs that you do not need. You should continue doing that. Everyone needs everyone to survive. 

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