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Recommend me some weight loss programs, please! I am tired of those diets and exercises... What are the options?

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On Youtube there are many videos to lose weight. I assure you that going to a gym will not be necessary. I do it

I invite you to consume green tea three times a day. Make cardio. It is perfect for burning calories. Eat well.
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Follow the  6 tips mentioned below:

1. Go for a walk for about thirty minutes in the morning and evening.

2. Fix a strict time for your lunch and dinner and try hard to follow that time.

3. Never, ever go after fast foods like burger and pizza.

4. Never use the lift either in your residence or in the work place. Instead always use stair case. Our body requires movement.

5. Never eat on a binge.

6. Whatever you eat, eat slow and steady.
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Hello . A balanced diet is required for you, weight loss is much concentrated with taking fibre content foods.

People only concentrate on the weight loss by doing exercise, required to take proper food. Carbohydrates also essential for us ,but that is limit.

Start your day with glass of lemon water ,honey.cinnamon powder also works well as it contains lot of fibre. When we take lots of fibre foods we don't feel hungry for long time.

Exercises is must , try to do various exercises, Daily doing the same exercises you might feel bore.

So choose walking, skipping,running.


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