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First off, is this even a legitimate site? I recently came across this site as I was browsing the internet on some other ways to earn online. Earning the first 1000 points was quicker than I expected but now I'm stuck with 1,042.

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I have done really well with Grabpoints in the past but I find the quickest way is through surveys (which I hate doing) so at the moment I am giving it a break. I feel that although it increased its earning rate quite recently it is less interesting because they took away the trivia articles and promo codes which I loved doing. Reward sites are pretty much all the same and I feel that although the rates on Grabpoints are higher than most it has become like any other site of its kind.

I always aimed for survey sites which give you a reward for attempting a survey even if you got disqualified like TapResearch or TheoremReach. I also used to watch EngageMe TV but that was a bit hit and miss because quite often they wouldn't run many ads so earning was slow.

I think as with any reward site the only advice I can offer is keep plodding on and when you do reach cash out decide whether you want to carry on with it.
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It was really hard for me to earn points even in surveys, as I always get disqualified after spending some time answering their "preliminary" questions. What I'm doing now is accomplishing tasks in FigureEight, which I find very tedious. I'm only aiming for 3,000 points, and then that's it. I'm out.
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Yes, it used to be Crowdflower. I hated those audio tasks because sometimes they would say your information was incorrect, and then when you checked, the correct information was exactly the same as what you had written!

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