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A friend told me that if want to increase my weight that I should more dates. I don't know how truth this is. Is it true that eating dates at good for weight gain?

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Dates (Phoenix dactylifera) depending on how you eat them can either cause weight loss or weight gain. Dates are grown relatively across Africa and the Middle East. They contain sugars, fibres, fatty acids, calcium, just to mention a few. This sweet fruit is highly nutritious and can provide necessary nutrients just enough for weight loss and weight maintenance.

However, when eaten in excess, the sugars, especially fructose can be converted to fats in the body and this would mask the effect of dietary fibres and other nutrients that could have been otherwise used to aid proper digestion.
Since you want to add weight, you should consider eating well more tthan six dates daily. You can also spice it up with other rich fruits like avocados and olives. It works well with cooked food too  to like rice.
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Thanks. That means they are for both weight gain and weight loss depending how one chooses to consume them.
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Yes,your friend is absolutely correct eating dates without moderation can make one gain weight. Dates contains so much sugar and of course high in calories contents too, so eating much of it and without burning or expending the calories will make the body keep accumulating and storing them as fat.

Remember that dates has a high glycemic level because of it's sugar content and as such keeps the blood sugar level high too which aid rapid weight gain. Just taking 10gms of dates can gives one 23 calories and because it taste sweet one then tend  to eat more of it.
So to gain weight which naturally is about eating more calories than you burn,then you can eat more dates while restricting some activities that will make you burn off calories quickly.

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