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Yes, I have. But I do not fully blame the people around me for attitudes, behaviors and values that I have come to adapt in order to conform to their's. I think, partly, I, too, am the one to blame. Had I been firm with my moral grounds and to what I believe is right, perhaps I wouldn't have changed much.

Ever since, I thought I was a very awkward person. I do not know how to present myself to other people or how I should behave when I'm in front of a crowd. But since I often hang out with my friends I met in college, who I think are very good at this, I eventually learned the art of socializing. However, this act also led me to learning how to smoke and drink. At first, they said, "Go ahead and try. It'll make you feel better." I didn't do well the first time but they told that I should do it regularly if I want to experience the pleasure of doing it, especially in smoking. I tried to refuse but my curiosity got the better of me. Back then, I also didn't want to get the feeling of being left out, as I'm the only person in our group who would drink fruit juices instead of beer, so I decided to try it.

Until now, I still drink and smoke sometimes. But I take comfort in knowing that whenever I feel like quitting, I can certainly do it.

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Peer pressure is common every where from school, colleges, university to work place, even in the family. When I was in school, I was not a bright student and I was always under peer pressure to perform better. When I started working, I was always under peer pressure to look slim.
I agree with you that peer pressure can be seen everywhere, and it takes a lot of courage to be able to resist such pressures. Did you give in? How did you handle that?
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This is one bad influence one will deal  with while growing up especially if one just want to have friends around or need to maintain existing ones.Peer pressure is in stages and come in different forms that sometimes leaves one confused.

I think this influence is apparently in teenage ages,I know I was affected in my early teen years up to my 20s but had to let go when I realised I wasn't living my kind of life.Keeping friends is good but them wanting you to behave in a certain way is always the problem.

My first attempt on hot drinks and smoking was instigated by friends.They tried to tell me how i need to grow up by doing what my parent's were against but when I read about the effects of those things I was told to do,I knew it was time to dump those set of friends which I did.
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Yes I have been affected by peer pressure because I wanted to belong.I think parents should always be there for their kids and try to advise them on the right things to do,though I know some parent do try but others are always too busy for their kids.

I grew up having lots of friends and just wanted to stick with them so I was like a copy cat doing all they were doing and even doing more.I don't know if I should blame this on parents inactivity or on youthful exuberance.The thing is that young ones just like to explore and discover things but unfortunately we do it the wrong way.To keep away peer pressure people just need to be themselves and stop following trends and what others are doing.Peer pressure is real and most times affect people negatively.
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Yes I'm ashamed to say I have and I wasn't a teenager but in my early twenties and should have known better. I met  a group of people who seemed fun and exciting but they were into drinking smoking and drugs. I just wanted to fit in so I went along with them knowing that it was stupid but I was at a time in my life where I wanted a change and I ditched some of my good friends to hang around with these people.

Thankfully this phase of my life did not last long. I began to see how dangerous this lifestyle was and I actually made myself quite ill through trying to keep up with them. I did some serious thinking and re-evaluated my life. The one thing I really regret is the worry I caused my parents through staying out all night not going into work.  It was a hard lesson to learn as all did not end well but I came out of the other side a better person.
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I think peer pressure is very common among people especially the much younger ones. I don't see it as just a group of people or friends having a huge influence on you. It could also be something mild and psychological. Sometimes, people get pressured subconsciously from the people and the things they see around them. It may be a way of life, how relative people look etc. Subsequently they find themselves trying hard to fit in.

I think the kind of pressure that influences me is that of acceptance. I used to try so hard to be accepted by all hence I did some things I wouldn't ordinarily do. Growing up takes care of all that. I've learned to always be myself and stay true to my guns. No matter how hard you try, you can never please everyone.
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A lot of times on my secondary school, I was pressured by peer groups. We have different groups at school and a lot of them were trying to be popular. I was welcome in two groups. I joined the other group but the other groups wants me more. They were persuading me to join them for a year. I wonder why I need to be in a group so I stop joining the first group. Again, the other groups was persuading me to join so I joined them after a year and that changes everything. The other group get mad at me for choosing the other group. I then left the second group and focus on my studies but both of the groups became an enemy. I was very pressured because it was not my intention of not joining. I have a scholarship that I need to focus on my studies. They don't understand that. They only want to be popular and increased their members. i don't mind them for the last years of my school.
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Of course. When I was much younger I was a victim of peer pressure on quite number of times. I used to have this unpleasant tendency of wanting to identify with peers that are in my circle by getting involved in whatever they were doing. This even came at the expense of compromising my personal values. I just wanted be validated by been in their company and having that ego-boost feelings of belonging to a happening group.

Without sounding regretful, I was so enthused with the whole excitement of been in their midst. I guess that was why I was so carried away when they pressured me to do things I wouldn't want to do and succumbed to them. They even went as far as making me to pick up anti social behaviors like smoking and drinking. I had the thought then that been with peers was the best way to go in been perceived as significant by others.

Looking back in hindsight, I realized that peer pressure had a firm grip on me, which I didn't noticed when I was basking in the euphoria of been with them. But ever since I came of age, the sting of peer pressure has lost it touch on me, because I came to the realization that my values and self worth is not determined by been in the company of anybody or group of persons.
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The kind of neighborhood where I lived in when I was still a teenager is that ghetto type environment where young growing kids have their different cliques that they do things with together. Now, it's referred to a cult group because currently such groups have turned into violent association but back then in our days, it was not like that. There are some silly things we pushed ourselves to do back then and as long as you are a member of the group, you are bound by law to do so.
I can remember very well when I was mandated to have a boyfriend back then when I was not even ready to do so or know much about boyfriend and girlfriend affairs. I was even still a virgin then and being forced into relationship by my peer group then almost cost me my virginity when I wasn't ready to have sex.
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Yes sometimes back in high school but I got over it cause most of my friends were from rich families. And I realized sticking to their plan, I will lose as my parents would not have money to take me to parallel program. Hence I had to drop some of my friends and kept a few who we shared same goals. 
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During my university days, I experienced peer pressure. But then, I was able to manage it. I turned to a new leaf by being a stronger soul.
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No, not yet. I'm trying that I am the one who influence them rather than they pressure me. I open up myself and the culture I believe and see if they still befriending me. I may try some of their antics but still I pursue what I've learned to them
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I concur with you that companion strain should be visible to all over the place and it takes a great deal of mental fortitude to have the option to oppose such tensions.
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I think i have been under peer pressure in an indirect way, which means that there were times that my friends would be enjoying them selves and i am lockup.
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