I hate being late for anything and will always turn up early for appointments. Are you a punctual person?
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Yes of course, I'm of the opinion that being punctual is very important as long as you want to be taken seriously in whatever you are doing. Personally, I don't like being kept waiting, so I try very well to always return the favor by being punctual. 

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Oh yes, it is. Punctuality speaks volume of one's personality. If you really want to know how much respect people have for time, it is through punctuality. Being punctual to events or occasions would communicate to the organisers the kind of person they are dealing with, whether he/she is time conscious or not.

Surprisingly, punctuality is also key in how people perceive you. It will determine if they are to take you serious or not. There is this undisputable fact that those that are punctual are those that have respect for time. And if you don't have respect for time, it's also an indicator of lack of sense of direction in life.
Sadly, we have huge number of people that are not being punctual, and this attitude has eaten deeply into their lives to the extent that it has denied them of so many opportunities.
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I do think that being punctual is important because this shows a person's respect towards other people's time. I once read a quote saying, "If you come early, you are wasting your time; if you come late, you are wasting other people's time. So be on time, my friend." Not quite sure about the exact words but the message that this quote was trying to deliver is that people who often come late tend to put more value to their time without realizing that the number of minutes or hours he/she decides to take for himself/herself is the same amount of time he/she takes from other people.
Being punctual also speaks more about one's personality. This trait shows that you are dependable and that other people can count on your words when you say you'll be on time. Again, this just goes to show how you value other people because if you care about their time, then you are capable of valuing things that are far more important than that.

Although, of course, I do understand that there are instances when being late cannot be avoided.
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Yes,I'm a punctual person and punctuality is the sole of business and anything we need to do. I love keeping to appointment as early as possible and sometimes I wonder why people turn up late for events because I know people just want to turn up late anyway.

Being punctual to a place keep away nervousness and anxiety, it makes one  get to a place and be relaxed even before the commencement of anything. One will have the opportunity of asking all questions to get clarification and if need be put everything in order before the actual kicking off of whatever it is.

Being punctual to a meeting shows that one is disciplined and it adds to the reputation of the person. It gives one good self image and for business it helps one attend to clients and customers on time.
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Yes I'm a punctual person. I try my possible best to be on time always, most times earlier especially when it isn't a leisure or a social appointment. It is common around here to find people showing up annoyingly late for appointments. They find it fashionably late and it is often called the 'African time'. You'll find that something being scheduled for 2.00pm can take upto 4.00pm before take off.

I find that to be lack of regard and respect for other people, their time and engagements. Like no other thing matters. I know there are times when things don't go as planned and we end up late. Those days become the most disorganized days for me. Everything will seem out of order and disorganized. I become anxious and it takes sometime before I'm settled.
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Off course it matters. Be it a casual or official meeting, appointment or simply hangouts, being on time or punctual makes you reliable. This means that people can take you by your word and trust you'd be there at any speculated time.

Always being punctual or on time for any given occasion doesn't end with all the afore mentioned, other good qualities can also be associated with a person on the said subject. Responsible is one of them. As we all know, responsibility is all about a person's ability to be accountable, take control and observe proper management. Hence, being punctual can closely be related to time management. If you prove to have this quality over time, the society will see you as responsible.

On the other hand, people who always turn up late get judged instantly by others. They either refer to them as unorganized or irresponsible. Very little trust will be given to such people as they tend to be unreliable.

Drawing from the above, It is of my opinion that being punctual or in time always matters in the society as it can be used to judge a person's personality.
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If you ever want to be taken seriously in anything which you are involved with, then you should learn to always be the punctual type of person who always keeps to time and never disappoints.

It should not just be about being punctual at your place of work even though it's very important to be very punctual at your office, otherwise you either get served query or most likely you get sacked and lose your job.
In as much as it's very important to be very punctual at one's place of work, it's also very important to be very punctual in other aspects of one's life. Take for instance, in keeping with appointments time as scheduled. Personally, I don't like it when I'm kept waiting for too long any time I have an appointment with someone. I would give 20 minutes grace and after it and I still don't see the person I'm supposed to meet, I would cancel the appointment immediately.
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Punctuality is a virtue that all needs to possessif you must be successfulinall you do.a business man who dosenthavethis virtue is likely to fail,a student who didnt have this virtue is likely to fail or just average but never the best.

Punctuality to an event gives you time to relax,comport,make your choice by choosing where preferred to sit in any occasion.

A life experience my father attended a seminar very punctual,happen to sit on the front row,he was v interactive in this seminar for sitting in the front row,he was recommended by the host as a very serious dedicated worker there in that meeting he was promoted just because he was punctual and privilege to be in the front seat it really pays to be punctual in anything you do.
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Yes, being punctual in your life will help you a lot in many ways. If you are punctual, the first important advance in your life would be the effective time management. This would help you to manage other activities in a better way. Also, being punctual will give the message to others about your seriousness for the things. They would take you seriously in the matters.
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Yes. Being Punctual is most Important. If you are not punctual, you will not get any development in life. Being punctual shows your committment towards the work. You should go office punctually. Not only for work, it applies to all places.  
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One way of knowing a serious person is by observing how he or she keeps to time. A serious organization do not tolerate lateness and could lead to one losing his or her no matter how good you are at your job. In school too some teachers do not tolerate lateness. 
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This is what I am whining about when someone is not punctual. I cannot deal with this kind of persona. If someone is late, I will leave the place. Or, I will call his or her attention to this. Next time, I am not going to wait for him or her. I have been punctual to have a good impression of my previous jobs.
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Yes I am. Being punctual will allow you to do the things needed in the right time. Also your mind is settled when you are punctual you are able to arrange, plan and execute your work in an orderly manner. Punctuality eliminates the issue of messy work. 
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