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As Maths is my worst subject it's never played a bit part in my life but we all need to be numerate and be able to do simple calculations so that's as far it's gone for me. Even though I have never been good at it, it never held me back in life.
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Application of maths to daily lives, however, is experienced when we do simple arithmetic calculations in respect to our business deals involving calculations. I am of the opinion that without the fundamental knowledge we've gathered over the years, it would have been impossible for us to carry out basic calculations like 1+1=2.
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I can only think about logic and reasoning. However, I can do just fine without mathematics. It never really bothered me that much as I'm no lover of mathematics. 
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I am not good at math but math is everywhere we go, especially handling money and budgeting expenses over earnings.

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We do calculations almost in all areas of life that is why it is good to study mathematics because we will always encounter simple maths like adding,subtraction, multiplication etc. So as to enable us perform well in our daily lives.

Going to a new place with an address in our head,we needs to be able to know our figures.We should be able to call out the No of the address we are going to and looking for. Not knowing our figures will be a problem.

Buying things any where, if one can't add to know how much things one has bought,one might get cheated because one might get the wrong change and get cheated.

Taking one measurement for sewing needs a little bit of math. One must know the figures and the numbers to cut before sewing.

So many things  we use math daily.
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Mathematical concepts can always be found in our everyday lives. Personally, I use math when computing for the number of days that it would take me to binge-watch a series. For instance, if I would like to compute how long it would take me to finish watching a season of Friends with 10 episodes given that I only have 2 hours a day to spend watching, I can instantly write it in a form of equation:

10 episodes x 30minutes/episode x 1hour/60minutes x 1day/2hours = 2.5days

The challenge now lies with sticking to this schedule. LOL

Another quick application of math in real life would be computing the price of products during sale period. Consider a bag worth $100 but comes in 20% discount. We can easily compute for the final price:

$100- [$100 x (0.2)] = $80

See? As quick as that.
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Math in general, I apply the main math focus and they are addition, subtraction, division and multiplications. Unless it is part of our job, Physics and Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus and other math operation will be useful. Sometimes I am thinking that having to know addition, subtraction, division and multiplication are just enough to survive to solve math problems in general. You must know the basic. There are lots of people succeed in life with only the general Math operation are known. Also, unit of measurement and its conversion are a big help too. Learning how to measure and how to convert the road where how many kilometers you will walk or pass through cars, your weight converted to inches or centimeters. I think that is enough.
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We have been doing lots of subjects especially in high school and you end up asking yourself how can this help me in life? One of those subjects is mathematics. Mathematics is very crucial subject and you will realise that you will never avoid mathematics in life. Mathematics helps you in solving life puzzles and make haste decisions. You will realise if you make a certain decision, it will affect you in some way and hence you'll have to think wiser.

Also, failure in mathematics can be a hindrance in achieving your dream. Almost everywhere in the world especially occupations usually look at some qualifications. For instance you cannot do medicine, engineering, piloting without application of mathematics. Mathematics is very crucial and am in full support of it continue being taught in schools.
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I've asked myself this question so may times, even when hanging out among friends, we've jokingly talked about this topic many times and came to the conclusion that learning mathematics back in school was just a complete waste of time. I mean, imagine all the formulas and theories I was forced to memorize just to pass that subject. Maths was really a pain in the ***.

On a more serious note, i think maths in one way or the other has impacted our knowledge to an extent. Even though the majority of those complex calculations weren't that necessary, learning maths has afforded us the ability to go through basic calculations in our daily lives. I also like to believe that the study of maths has also strengthen our ability to undertake complex reasoning.

Another impact maths has made on us which most people do not realize is that the process we use in solving some maths problem are the same process we adopt in drawing conclusions from calculate reasoning which doesn't involve numbers. An instance will be determining why a child is of mixed race. Maths has made is understand that 1+1=2. So when we see a child from our instance which has a mixture of black and white skin, we mentally draw a picture of black+white=the child in the instance. Believe it or not, most people who didn't study maths will have a little hard time figuring simple instances like our reference above.

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