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This is the question that many keep asking on each passing day with some not getting the comprehensive answer that they seek for while others always get the answer, but probably decide not to take the answer as true. When we talk of a USB cable, we are talking about the wire that passes current from the charger to the device such as a mobile phone that is being charged and this basic function of a USB cable cord is something that can determine how fast or slow that the charging can be.

How fast or slow that the USB can be is always dependent on the amount of current that passes through the charger to the phone and have almost little to do with the USB cable itself and that is the reason even when we have a cord that is always slow, it gets better when we use a fast charger on it. Another thing that can weaken the performance of a USB cable port is when the owner of the mobile phone is making use of it especially on the internet when the phone is charging. This can weaken the performance of the charger and make the phone charge at a very slow rate as well.
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I used to think that all USB cords are the same until one day when I tried to use one to transfer files from my laptop to my smartphone and to my greatest surprise, my smartphone was never recognized. I tried everything I could to help the laptop to recognize my smartphone all to no avail. This was when a friend of mine asked me to change the USB cable and try his own cord, immediately my smartphone was recognized.
This incident led me to asking several questions about why that happened and I was made to understand that there are fake or low quality USB cables which can never give you excellent service like original cables. The low quality cables will either be very slow when they are used to charge smartphone or it wouldn't even charge at all, rather it would be discharging.
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The various factors taht determine USB cable charging rate are:

-The size of the power wires inside the USB cable determines the amount of power the USB cable can carry,for example a standard  cable is rated  28 gauge and is capable of 0.5 Amperes. However other sizes exist like 24 gauge which is capable of 2 amperes or more. The amount of current a wire can transfer is limited by its size or gauge.

-The length of the cable will also affect its rate of charging , longer cables will create greater current flow  resistance which reduces the cables ability to charge faster.

-the quality of connectors in the USB will also affect current flow, if they are of poor quality ,rusted or broken this will reduce their ability conduct electricity at full capacity.this may be caused by accumulated stress or wear due to usage over time.
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