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On Adsense you made money for every legit clicks. Is that also a case with ads?
in Ads + Affiliate Money by 1 2 13 isn't a very well-known platform for monetizing ads. You might have to do your own research into it, since from the reviews I've read, it can be quite unpredictable.

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+1 vote is a contextual ad network  this means that ads send to a page will be in consonance with what is on the page.i.e to say a page about clothing will only feature clothing ads and the ad network is powered by both bing and Yahoo search engines.This is an invitation ad network so everyone needs an invite.Media. net is really for small bloggers or blog but with high quality content,so owners of small blogs can take advantage of this.payment is through PayPal and wire transfer and the minimum payout is $100. works with models like CPA,CPM,CPL,CPC,CTR all these adds up to make a user or a publisher makes good money from all these taken into consideration it become difficult to predict how much it is per click for
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Thanks for your answer. I have never heard before. But your post clearly explained about it. 

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