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What are your hobbies, guys? I like crafting different cool stuff for my home. It is so interesting and cool!

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Hii friends, I am new here and i would to answer the questions. I like to play cricket and chess. But due to some reasons,  playing cricket is not possible, so i watch cricket matches on tv. I love to surf internet.
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I like listening to music.
I like playing the guitar.
I like to read on the internet
I like to look at linkedin
I like to watch series (The 100)
I like to exercise lately.
I like to sleep
I like to be in duolingo practicing languages
And finally I like to eat
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I like to play playstation
I like to watch cricket
And i like to engage in chat with my friends
I like to watch football very much
Sometimes playing indoor games, monopoly as one of my favourite, also engage in some entertainment activities etc..
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I like to go fishing.

Canoeing or kayaking in the lagoon is a great past-time.

Walking or riding a bike.

Go hiking or mountain climbing.

Do different arts at home like painting, working with wood and clay.l

Gardening and planting. I love to plant vegetables and flowers in my yard. I have a large yard and spend many hours in the yard gardening and taking care of my plants.
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Whenever am indoors I like playing chess and I can do so the whole day,Also like travelling especially for adventure, seeing new places,also i like mountain climbing.Am still going through my swimming classes.In addition to that,I like watching movies actually, comedy.
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You have got really cool and interesting hobbies. I also like crafts.i am very interested in it.i watch various craft videos..need to try in free time.would like to ask you few simple craft ideas :)

I am very much interested in painting and dancing .

Music is my favourite hobby too.i like gardening sometimes singing;)

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I am much of an introvert and most of my hobbies are things that I can do silently. I hate disturbances and so I  won't enjoy my hobbies when I am in a group of many people. 

My hobbies include; 

Reading novels.

Listening to music.

Watching comedy series. 

Riding a bike. 


Writing articles and novels.

Chatting in online forums

Those are the things that make me. 
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My hobby is working on my online sites. When I'm not out and about doing other things you will find me sitting at my computer interacting with people from various countries. I find it fascinating.

In addition to that I like to listen to music and watch horror movies but I'm usually working online at the same time. When I was younger I used to make my own jewellery and sell it. I would buy packs of coloured beads and spend hours making necklaces, bracelets and earrings. I gave it up after I had my children but perhaps I should start it again now that I have more time. It brought in a little extra income and gave me a great deal of pleasure to make them as gifts for people.
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I like to read A LOT. I am obsessed with history and ancient civilizations and their customs and philosophies. Everything about them fascinates me so I like spending time getting to know everything there is to know about them. I am also interested in psychology and forensic sciences and I like watching true crime shows. I'm more interested in crimes of the past, like prior to the 50s and I am fascinated with the human mind and the complexity of the human personality and the ability that some have to cause harm and hurt others. I'm also interested in philosophy and I am multilingual and I'm still learning new languages. So whenever I have the chance, I try to enrich my vocabulary and I try to read about whatever interests me in different languages so I would get both, the information I want and actually learn new words in different languages.
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I don't joke with my leisure because that's the only way I can make myself very happy so I create enough time for myself for my hobbies

I love to meet up with friends to see a movie or two,this way I will enjoy the movie better.Watching movies alone is always a bored so I do it with friends.

I'm a good football fan so I don't just stop at watching it I also play it on the field. I love to play football a lot and it has helped to keep me fit and trimmed and even make good friends.

Making music is another good hobby for me,I got addicted to music from high school,I had a very good music teacher that put through the rudiments of making good music and I have been writing and singing it during my free time.
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To be honest, I can't say that I have a definite hobby or that I have a regular go-to activity. I usually just do what I want to do at the moment. There are even times when I just bum out in my room doing nothing. To add to that, I can also be easily influenced by other people. For instance, when people ask me to go out, they need not have to ask twice.

I guess it totally depends on my mood, and the activities available for me to be able to pass the time. If anything else, I do love browsing the internet, playing online games, reading (occasionally), talking with friends, watching movies or series, and of course, sleeping.

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