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I would like to make some small not too expensive gifts for my friends. What are my options?

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Best would be if you create or make such gifts yourself, like making some crafts or home-made dishes. This is economical, you can afford common household items which you usually use and are not much expensive to you. I will not advise any online shopping because online cheap products are not the same products which way they advertise, this will jeopardise your thought of gifting your friends some cool stuff.
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This will depend on if they are a boy or girl. You can make some cute custom jewelry or even gift baskets for your friends. Furthermore, you can visit the dollar store and pick up a few cute items to make a gift basket to hand out. Many people like candles and it is easy to make homemade candles. You can also make homemade bath bombs or bath soaps for your friends. They are inexpensive and easy to make.
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Etsy is OK. There are definitely cool things on there. But they are touch to find. If you really want to make an impression, check us out. We do handmade oil paintings from photographs. So perhaps a photo of the kids or a trip you two took together? We employ photorealist oil painters to really give the gifts that "wow" factor. 
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In the advanced technology of the world, it's quite difficult to choose one of the best gifts to present someone. If you want to present someone on their anniversary and engagement then these are some of the personalized engagement gifts:-

1. Couple Under Guardian Angel.

2. Framed Print.

3. Printed Tray.

4. Wedding Prayer Frame. 

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It depends with the persons age ad gender.If they're youths or teens then at least you should buy things like novels, a bicycle a maybe a beautiful dress.If the persons are old,then you should at least buy them a watch or maybe nice neckless and maybe some cute high heels if its a girl.For the kids,dolls and car toys can serve them much of better.

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