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You are free to cite as many poem as you like. It'll also be nice if you'll add a brief description for why you think they're the best or one of the best.

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Me, I love Desiderata. Desiderata is a Didactic Poem from Max Erhman. The poem was written 1927 and has been called as attention to the world. I love this poem because it has a lot of lesson and advises. It has devotional and spoken-word in 1971 and 1972 and was used as a background to a good music that I got to listen at present. The poem is very humble. It teaches you to be humble and open-minded. Some of I remember about the lessons are, Silence is Golden, Learn to get along with others , in other words, learn to be likeable. No matter how small your achievements, enjoy them. Learn to listen and be observant. Always remember there will be greater and lesser people than yourself so learn to be always humble but appreciate yourself. You should read this poem.
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I love the poem "My Mother" it a poem that I came to really liked and appreciate mothers when I remember what I saw women go through during labor,it worth respecting women and mothers.They go through such an excruciating pains to birth a child and then see the child and still love him or her endlessly without recurs to the pains.Really mothers are rare gem.

The first stanza of the poem says My mother who sat and watched my infant head,when sleeping on cradle bed and tears of sweet affection shed my mother.Mothers are super beings for taking care of a tiny being,mold them to grow and become whatever the become through thick and thin.There are worth commending.

The second stanza reads when pains and sickness makes me cry who cares upon my heavy eyes and wait for fear that I should die,my mother.

Loud ovations for mothers.Best humans in the world.
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This might sound a bit morbid but my very favourite poem is often recited at funerals, "Do not stand at my grave and weep" written by Mary Elizabeth Frye in 1932. I chose it for my mum's funeral because although it is sad I also find it comforting.

When I was a child of around 12 I used to visit my grandmother who had a library full of books. One of them was a large poetry book which I was fascinated by. I don't think I even understood many of the poems but I remember thinking that "I wandered lonely as a cloud"  by William Wordsworth was special. I would read it over and over trying to understand the true meaning of it and I still think it's one of favourite poems today.

I think children's poems are great. "Jabberwocky" first appeared in Lewis Carroll's "Alice Through the Looking Glass" portraying the slaying of a monster. My granddaughter used to love it when she was smaller.
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The best poem I have ever read was written by Laxmi Prasad Devkota. The poem titled Lunatic was originally written in Nepali language and has been translated to English language. The title Lunatic is from English version. The poem's original title is "Pagal" which literally means lunatic. If you search 'Laxmi Prasad Devkota's Poem Lunatic" on Google you will not only find English translation but also video reading on Youtube. This explains how popular is the poem.

Laxmi Prasad Devkota is referred as "The Great Poet" in Nepal. He has written numerous epics, short epics, poems, essays, even stories. Lunatic is considered Devkota's best poem.  The poem is loosely based in the life of Devkota. It is said that once a great Indian writer referred Devkota as a lunatic (not in a derogative sense, though) and Devkota reacted by writing the poem.
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This is one of my favorite poems of all times. It is anonymously written. This poem strikes me hard as it talks about everything other thing that humanity has become in modern times. It insinuates that perhaps since humans now find it hard to get along, maybe amidst all of our misunderstanding, maybe when we've taken all the vengeance, we can find a common ground in our state of exhaustion and we'll have no strength for anything else but love. 

Is this the path that makind wants to take with all that's happening around us? We do not have to lose everything before we can find the one thing that's innate in us. LOVE! for one another. Something that we have to look no further than ourselves to find. It doesn't have to get nasty. 

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I don't know if this classifies as a poem or quote, but it's one of the best piece i've ever come across. It is by the famous Italian painter,  "Carletti". 

Carletti imaginatively defined beauty as "the summation of all bodily parts working together in such a way that nothing needed to be added, taken away or altered, that's you, you are beautiful"Now, i don't know if you get the message, but it makes complete sense to me. His talking about the natural appearance of a person in a way to encourage anyone who constantly feels insecure about their body or appearance. 

My second best is: Now I recall what it feels like being in love. Being with you is heaven, as I please you with questions just to hear the sound of your voice. And the thought of a kiss, melts me down, i can't but think your lips alone is sweetness. This is one of my own poem by the way. #smiles

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I have written so much poem when I was in High school but I really forget them now.that was over 15 years ago and I have lost already my book of poem. I remember I will write a poem base on nature and love of course,inspired by many crushes in the campus. I have this ultimate crush in high school, everyone's adored him and he is known too for being too many girlfriend. So, I wrote a poem for that, I wish I could remember every word about it,but I am a bit older now.I can't remember what did I wrote.

And I remember now that I wrote a poem for my first son, that was 2 years ago. It is in my Facebook page. That is the sweetest poem I have ever written. That will always remain on  my page not unless the site will close for some reasons. And if I can find it one day, I will write it down in my book.
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