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A person can enhance his/her vocabulary through reading. If a person has interest in reading then it is likely for him/her to encounter new words. This is what I usually do. Whenever I read, I make it a point to have a pen, a paper and a dictionary beside me. I list down the words that seem unfamiliar to me and immediately search for its meaning just so I'll be able to understand it's usage and the context behind it.

Moreover, to make sure that I fully grasp the meaning of these new words, I will also try to use it whenever I converse with other people or whenever I write something in my blog. This way, I can easily remember and make use of this words often.

Nowaday, there are also a lot of word games designed to enhance one's vocabulary. You can go ahead and try them, and see if it'll work for you.
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I think the best way is practice both in reading, writing and speaking. My partner is gifted when it comes to languages but in particular French and German. He says his French improved drastically when he lived with a French woman because he learned so many different ways of saying things. His mother was Austrian so he was able to practice German at home. He also speaks Russian but because he does not get the opportunity to speak it often he is a little rusty when he gets the opportunity to converse with a Russian person.

I learned French at school and although I still remember some I cannot speak it fluently because I didn't carry on with it when I left.. I think it is one language I could have mastered if I had practiced speaking it and I regret that. I suppose it's never too late.
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I will give you the simplest formula that I have been using over the years, that if you want to build your vocabulary or learn how to read or spell flawlessly or write effortlessly or speak intelligently, it all begins with keenest desire from the inside to want to improve on onself. Obviously, there is no how one give what he/she don't have. Same is application to knowledge acquisition. Apply yourself intently in whatever you want to be good at, and believe me, in no time you would start to see results.

First of all, you must know how to read, and engage in it frequently. And as you do this, with time you would be able to spell correctly, as you become conversant with the words as you read. Then you can start learning how to write since you must have been familiar with how sentences can be structured. Afterwards, the final practice would be learning how to articulate as you speak, as you strive to recollect everything you have been exposed to during the course of reading, spelling and writing. This is the surest formula you can adopt in building your vocabs.
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I read a lot to increase my vocabulary and I listen to native speakers a lot to know how to correctly use the word and the context it is being used.increasing vocabulary is more or less a self improvement thing I don't think it has to do with attending a course or a class to study it.

You can get a dictionary either a physical one or download it online.I have a very good dictionary on my phone and I learn a word and its meaning daily. You can see some vocabulary tutorials on YouTube. You can stream or download them.Read good novels and magazines to learn new words.Don't just learn them alone try to use them too in your daily conversations, discussions, debate and write-ups so as to be used to them.

You can be writing down every new one you come across and try to find out the meaning while adding to the list of your vocabularies.
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It is a good question about enhancing the vocabulary. 

But the answer would be different depending on each individual person and their current level of English vocabulary. 

For grade 12 student or adult, most probably reading a  lot of books will be the best way to expand vocabulary. 

If we are talking about child studying at first grade or an adult who learns English as a second language, it is necessary to use several tools to work on vocabulary. It is easy for parents to forget that learning is not an automatic process. Instead, it is a complicated process that needs support and different tools to achieve progress. 

I may recommend a couple of articles which may advise more on how to build vocabulary:

Vocabulary Building for Reading Comprehension

Vocabulary Test: Know your English Skill 

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To enhance vocab you can follow few simple steps which I do follow in my life.

1. Watch movies and seasons.

2. Read News paper and Watch News on TV or internet

3. Take part in debates on any issue on regular basis.
4. Read every banner out there.

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