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What positive impact did the Women's Rights Movement have on the U.S. society? what were The greatest impact of the Women's Rights Movement on the US society

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The first women's march in Washington on March 13, 1913, was a milestone in the origins of the feminist movement in the United States and at that time pleaded for the right to vote. She was also connected to a president's inauguration: the procession for female suffrage came on the eve of Woodrow Wilson's inauguration. They marched in the 1960s towards the end of the Vietnam War in the 1970s by updating the text of the Equal Rights Amendment - the amendment that guarantees equal rights for men and women in the American constitution - in the 1980s for the right to abortion and other reproductive rights, in the 1990s for the lives of women, also focusing on the right to legal and safe abortion and in the to domestic violence.

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