There are so many sleeping habits or should I say sleeping pattern exhibited by some people and one of the most odd pattern among them is sleep walking. Sleep walking is a situation where one would be 100% sleeping but at the same time his physical consciousness would be awake and walking about the house.

Sometimes, this sleeping habit is considered to be psychological and some therapy are recommended to be passed through in order to have it corrected. There was one case here in my country where someone nearly killed (strangled) his sibling while sleep walking without being aware of the act till he woke up.

Have you ever experienced sleep walking? 


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I don't but my mom used to when her mother died. It was a bit scary because she told us that her mom was asking her to come with her. Good thing my dad always comes to the rescue.
No, I don't but my partner is talking while sleeping and hoping my kids won't get it.
Seriously, the very first day I witnessed someone sleep walking, I was completely freaked out and ran out out of fear. 

It was when I realized that the person wasn't even conscious that I felt relaxed again. 
Talking while sleeping is a very common thing and most times, it's one's dreams that pushes him or her to talk in real life when still be fully sleepy.

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I don't but when I had my first baby I suffered mild postal natal depression and I was afraid to go to sleep because I thought I would walk in my sleep and hurt my baby. It seems ridiculous now but at the time it was a very real fear. I eventually got over it as my baby got older.

I remember once my sister walked in her sleep and gave me a fright.   We were both quite young and shared a bedroom;  I awoke to find her standing over me. It was dark so I thought we had a burglar and screamed. My mum came in and guided her back to bed and in the morning she could remember nothing about it. At the time we had just moved house and she was upset about leaving her friends behind at our old place and unsettled at her new school so it could have been related to that.
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Glad to hear that you didn't eventually sleep walk and endanger your new born baby. 

I think it's better when you discover that you are prone to sleep walking, it would be better to have somebody staying with you to reduce the risk of getting injured. 
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I think when I was young, I experience this kind. I will find myself in the other place like in the comfort room and in the kitchen. My father was laughing at me because of that, but he always make sure that he was there once i started walking. He tries to wake me up but it is hard. i was really walking with my eyes shut. While I was growing, I lessens the events of sleep walking, but to make it worst, I do not walk but I dive. I always dive in bed. I will dive from bed to the floor. They will just hear something and will check on me. They will see me sleeping in the floor without my pillow that is why they know that I dived again while sleeping. It is funny, really funny to remember. Actually sleep walking is not good. It is not safe. That is why children should always be watch.
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I had such experience when I was still a teenager. I wouldn't call mine sleep walking but sleeping rolling. I would just roll over from my bed on the floor to another room. There was a day I woke up in front of the toile. It was crazy. 
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I do not sleep walk but my younger brother does. Funny how he doesn't remember anything about it as soon as he wakes up. It is a total subconscious situation in my opinion which makes the physical conscious somewhat awake. More like a detachment from the inside. I believe this is the reason they do not remember since the body and mind are disjoint and not whole.

Some scientists say it could be psychological and other school of thoughts say it has something to do with hyperactivity just like sleep talking. You find that sometimes while they are in that state, you can actually have a conversation with them and they still would not remember a thing.

I think this is more common with children and they tend to grow out of it eventually.
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Exactly! The act of sleep walking freaks me out but it's the individual's inability to remember what happened that freaks me out the most.

I think that the psychological studies need a little more work to do on this phenomenon because it's very wired. 
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Yes i do sleep walk mostly accompanied by sleep talking. Although it doesn't occur oftenly, but when it happens, it occurs consecutively like a week then goes away and then comes back after like three weeks or a month. I have been trying to find the reason behind but seems like nothing's coming through.
Some people tell me it might be caused by stress but I really don't think so. Others tell me its because because it sleep too late but have tried sleeping early but happened. Someone else told me that its something to do with spells but I don't think so. I personally think its because am consuming much with my brain. Am that kind of a person who composes lots of stuff and tend to think hard about something and my brain never gets time to relax. So my sleep talking and walking is how I release of the content.That's according to me.
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Actually sleep walking is termed to be caused by psychological situation which according to science it can be cured by a therapist ( neural). But in my own personal opinion, such conditions are most time not ordinary and seriously spiritual.
There was this neighbor of mine who actually had similar problem that most times at night while everyone is deeply asleep he won't wont sleep. He actually started with sleeping and talking in deep sleep. Until later when he transform to another thing. The situation kept going worst and worst till one of this night when everyone in the family worked up to meet him strangling a fowl at the backyard. The shouting or noise from the fowl worked the entire family and it turn out tt9 be an issue in the whole area.
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