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Actually, I got into arguments with group of friends, that among these two which one is more important to employers about fresh college graduates seeking for employment, skill sets or adaptative ability?
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These two abilities of a person is very important in a company, where having the adaptive capability cna lead to earn the skills, and where having a skills can create the adaptive person a skill.

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I think employers look for both because skills is really needed now but what I believe they look out more for is adaptative ability.one good way of being in an employer good book is having the ability to adapt to new system,way of doing things and skills.

One skill can get one a job but it comes a time that new skills are needed of course the only constant thing in nature is change, the skills we acquire today might not be relevant tomorrow so the ability to learn and adapt to new skills or way of doing that same jobs will give one an edge above others and make the employer still retains the employee.Obsolete knowledge or skills wouldn't work for anyone.

So one thing is to have the skills but to keep on impressing the boss one must be innovative and creative by adapting to the needed changes.
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I think for fresh graduate, those who don't have experience about the job but got in, their adjustment to the new environment is much needed. If they are adapt fast, this mean they will be a great addition to the team. If they will continue to be like that, they will have a great experience that they can put on their resume in the future. For people who have experienced with the job, the skill sets is a great addition to the team too. The teaching and learning process will be shorten because they will only apply those skills they had gain from previous company. They can share their skills to and it would be a new learning for the team. For me both are needed, depending on the time and effort it will serve to the company and the team.
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You said it all but in this context we are looking at young school levers without experience from previous works. Which one would the employer prefer, skill sets or adaptative ability?
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I think companies often hire fresh graduates on the basis of skill sets. This can be easily assessed when they take the necessary examinations appropriate to a particular job. It could be difficult to readily identify whether a person has a good adaptive ability, especially since, as you mentioned, they are fresh graduates and are just starting to get themselves exposed in the workforce. If what you mean by adaptive ability is the ability of a person to adjust to his or her working environment, then unless you hire them, you wouldn't know if they possess such skill. And although there will be series of interviews and personality tests that would help an employer in this aspect, I still don't think these will be enough, as what one writes/tells in interviews may differ from the actions that he/she may opt to do.
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