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It seem as though a hot bath works for my Hubble . He's had antibiotics the boil goes away a four or five months, and bam it comes back?I wonder if it's a certain food,soap,lotion,meds,obese  that's causing it, i don't know?
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This normally is caused by a hair follicle that has become infected under the skin. The boil starts to form at the base or root of the hair follicle and will grow until it opens and drains. It is necessary not to try and drain this yourself, but to allow it to open naturally and drain. I know where I live this is quite common and people seem to get them quite a bit. I know if you don't clean yourself well this can also happen.
Here we use a cotton ball soaked in apple cider vinegar and put it on the boil and leave it. This does reduce some of the redness and swelling in the area. After this people will take a cotton ball and add honey to this and tape it on the area. This seems to pull the puss out of the area quicker and drain the boil. I have seen this work more than once and it is a good way to get them to open quicker. I also know if you force them to open and drain they can come back in the same spot and this time they are much larger and more painful. A normal boil can take 7 to 15 days to open and drain.
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I have had a reoccurring boil of this nature as a teenager and it was not funny because it one painful thing to go through on the body and it could be frustrating when it reoccured again and again with a very short time.

I think one such reason could be the dosage of the antibiotics taken.i know I used to hate taking drugs then, so hardly completed my dosage and if it not well cleared from inside of course the problem will reoccur.
Another reason could be the severity of the boil if it's the stubborn type it good to seek the attention of a physician than buying any antibiotics over the counter. The boil might need more medical help than just drugs taking.
Wearing back old clothes we had worn when we had the boil without disinfecting it and washing before using them on our body again.
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Bacteria is what causes a boil to reoccur. So constantly having the area where the boil keeps reoccurring exposed to different types of oils and soap build up a bacteria underneath the skin. Especially right after showering because your pores are more open for infection.
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