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My Hubble is willing to try cumin to help treat the boil since its a herb. Fruits and herbs are natural.

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First, cumin is a SPICE and NOT an herb. With that being said, yes, cumin helps remove boils. Cumin seeds are best though instead of the powder. Cumin seeds are the most popular spice in the world. Besides being used as a flavoring in some recipes, cumin seeds treat various health issues that include sties, boils and more. Cumin seed also help to decrease swelling, redness, inflammation and soreness. Add water to the cumin seeds and grind to a paste. Apply the paste to the boil and gently massage. After the paste dries, clean the area with a soft, damp cloth. The cumin also dries out the boil causing the pus in the boil to "pop." Do NOT pop the boil by hand since this will cause the pus to spread the infection.

Cumin also prevents boils from reoccuring.
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Yes, cumin can be used for any inflammatory infections. Cumin is a natural substance with beneficial imparts on circulation, digestion and immune system. Its potential to cure boil can be anchored on the boosting of the immune system.
The human immune system happens to be the defense against harmful infections caused by parasites and bacteria. To this end, cumin packed with infection-fighting active compounds known as antioxidants. It is with the help of this antioxidant, it can cure boils.
Basically, oil extracted from cumin serve as primary source of antioxidant, which can kill harmful various strains of bacteria including parasites. This oil also play the role of larvicide and antiseptic agents, which ward off any bacteria trying to attack the immune system. Interestingly, cumin seeds also have anti inflammatory effects. Meaning that they can be used for healing of pains caused by other conditions. No wonder they are used as food preservatives.

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