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I been married for 23 yrs, I was 17 when I met him, we courted to 10 years before i married the headache LOL... He just  wasn't ready to get married, so i waited on him, he said he loved me very much and when he's ready he said  that I was the one that he was going to marry. So I been 33 yrs total
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Been married for two months and no celebration made, nobody cares about it even him doesn't even remember, i hate it though that men will only be nice and sweet when they wanted something.

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That's amazing. I was married for 10 years but it failed. I had a short relationship after that before I met the person I am with now and although I don't live with him we have been together 16 years. I do envy people who find the right person right away and stay with them for life. Sometimes I see old couples in the news who have been together for 60 years or more and I think it's wonderful. I only wish I had been able to find the right person when I was very young. I know it probably isn't easy all the time and I'm sure it involves a lot of hard work to get through the rough times but it's lovely for children too to have their parents together for life and to set an example of how true love should be,

My parents were married for 24 years before they finally divorced and my father remarried but it wasn't until I got older that I realised they were unhappy so they kept it well hidden from us and we had a happy childhood. I wonder how many people stay together even though they are not happy either for the children or because they have nowhere else to go. I do know couples who don't love each other any more but stay together out of habit. It's kind of sad.
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It's a job trying to make a marriage  work? But what kept me holding on was laughter. Earlier i called my Hubbie  the headache,well he is LOLLOL... So I kept laughter alive so I wouldnt need  anti's  . see I've been their and I got through it . I said as long as I love nothing will ever still my joy. Laughter heals.
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Wow, 16 years is long and it's sad if it doesn't work right away, it's my first marriage now and hoping it would last since lacking of affection. We been togethet for 4 years now.
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Wow,that's really a long journey and I hope you two would continue to remain together. I love to read marriage success like this and even try to learn from it.Well,mine is a new marriage and we are trying to make it work at all cost which I know it will because we are in it together and we are determined to see that we lived together till death do us part.

Marriage journey comes with all the turns and twists but want keeps it going is understanding and tolerance,well love is part of it but from my experience sometimes understanding the person works better because sometimes love alone wouldn't really cut it when one is really offended or annoyed with one takes more than love to quench the fire.

All the same I really looking forward to living forever with my partner.
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It will happen for you and your true love? It wasn't easy  for me and my hubbie. Cause we loved each other sooo much that nothing we said to each other or did would part us. We would go and blow that steam off We've had in-laws who would meddle but our love was strong . We had to detached ourselves from inlaws love ,laughter kept us together
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Marriage is such a wonderful thing for people who actually understands how to live together in love, trust, tolerance and loyalty. It's the only way that one's marriage would come to last long and survive even in times of tribulations.

I got married in 2012 but had dated my wife for approximately 4 years before we got married and getting married to her was one of my greatest memories and achievements because I got married to my best friend. Most marriages come to crash few years into the union because most people just get married out of lust and beauty and when trials comes, it would show that the marriage foundation is not strong at all.

At the moment, we have 2 kids - a boy and a girl but we are looking at getting one more child and we are going to hang out making babies boots.
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I am not married yet, but I am going to speak on behalf of my parents. They have been married for more than 25 years and it is a union that is blessed with four kids. There are basic things that I have learnt from the union of Mr and Mrs. Sylvanus Magbo of which one of them is respect.
Each time that I look, I see the way my mom always have total respect for my dad in almost everything that they do and the way that my dad as well always try to accord the same respect to my mother and this is a virtue that has helped me to build my life. Sometimes, I wonder what I should have achieved, if I am not that respectful in life as their marriage has shown me the impact of being respectful can bring.
Another thing that I have learnt is the way that they pray and work together. You hardly see my mom doing anything without informing my dad about it and it is difficult for my dad to do things as well without the knowledge of my mom and this is something that I cherish so much in life.

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