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I don't think people can be purely sapiosexual. What I believe is that at some point we get to be more interested in intelligent and deep conversations rather than personal looks. Borrowing my friends motto, "Talk nerdy to me."

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Ok, I'll admit it, I had to look this word up, a person who is turned on by intelligence.
It definitely has some bearing on how attractive I find a person although they don't have to be a super brain, in fact that could put me off as I although I see myself as reasonably intelligent I'm not a high flyer and my general knowledge is pretty average. I do find a person who can carry out stimulating conversation on a variety of topics attractive but that in itself wouldn't draw me to them. I have to find them physically attractive too plus they need a sense of humour, I think it has to be the whole package. I have friends who I have some really interesting conversations with that I am not sexually attracted to at all so it's only a small part of the attraction. An interesting question though.
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Yes, that's it. It cannot be 100%. No matter how other people deny it, physical attractiveness still matters; but not that it matters a lot.
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I know a sapiosexual is someone who is sexually attracted to or turned on by people who exhibit intelligence. I think the attraction itself is very common but I feel like it is uncommon to see people who are solely sapiosexual. I mean just being intelligent isn't the total criteria for sexual attraction. Maybe for a group of people though who label themselves as sapiosexual.

If in fact sexual attraction is the determinant for being sapiosexual, I'm afraid I'm not even though I'm highly attracted to smart and intelligent people. People I can have deep and meaningful conversations with over a cup of coffee.

In this case, I feel like "like poles attract." With the intellectual attraction comes other attractions that can attribute to sexual attraction.
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I agree with you on that. I, too, do not believe when people claim to be purely sapiosexual, and I highly doubt they can prove that.
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This unconventional way of finding someone attractive usually gets to me especially if the person is the type that can engage me in intelligent discourse. But it so unfortunate that I rarely come across such people. Any opposite sex would always get my attention if she can tickle my intellect.
I am not the type of guy that is moved by physical appearance. I know it sounds weird, perhaps that is exactly what freaks most guys out. I am not insunuating that I don't like good looking girls, but of what use will it serve when my girl can not stimulate my intelligence?
However, such uncommon quality from the opposite sex provides me the standard of rating them. I am of the opinion that by one's words you can determine the heart content of that person. As the say goes birds of the same feathers flock together.
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I see or can rate myself to be 70% Sapiosexual because I get attracted to intelligent people naturally and without hesitant. I always like to have a very intelligent conversations with the opposite sex and though beauty might attract me but what would keep me down is one's intelligence. I love people that can boost my IQ with their discussion and makes me thinks critically and indepthly.
The friends I have now now are people I met in different places and what attracted me to two out of the four friends I have was their in-depth knowledge of things. Mr P and Dee are good example of people having good brains intact. They're just knowledge personified and I admired them alot when they speak about a certain topic because it will make one begin to use his or her brain too.

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