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Since the holidays so close together i changed my holiday know every year for about 15yrs. we've had barbecue ribs, lasaunga,turnip greens ,mustard potatoes salad, Hawaiian rolls for christmas, along with the cake and sweet potatoe pies.For thanksgiving we do the tradition Turkey and cornbread dressing and with all the trimmings. You know  all of my family and associates celebrate the same way.Some people do barbecue for thanksgiving and the tradition Turkey dinner for Xmas . Crazy right? LOL...

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Yes. I always look forward to holidays every year. Even though we do not usually plan on going to out-of-town vacations, still, holidays provide us a luxury of time to be with the whole family, and to do the things that we ought to do without having to worry about deadlines and other work-related responsibilities.

Similar to what you have mentioned, we often cook our favorite meals during the holidays. We usually have grilled barbecue, salad, pasta, and lots of sweets. As part of our bonding activity, we also tend to make short programs, which mostly consist of games, and other fun activities that will strengthen the bond and relationship between every member of the family. Holidays are also the time when new members (wives, husbands, nephews, nieces) get to be introduced to the whole family, especially those that reside far from their parents' compound.

I think there is nothing more heartwarming than having to share special moments with the family.
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Exactly, my mom and i was just saying how we are looking forward to the holidays
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I always look forward to the holidays. I do not plan trips, vacations or anything .It is just everything relaxing, unwinding and a plethora of time to do all the things I've always wanted to do but I was limited by time.
It even feels different in the atmosphere during the holidays. The family, friends, visits, food, drinks etc. This is when I make my favourite meals, watch movies, reconnect with everyone around me. Such joyous time indeed.
During the holidays, there's much less pressure on me to meet up certain goals. I'm much more relaxed to listen to myself, re invent my ideas and make resolutions. A person can even take advantage of this time to enjoy their solitude and further rediscover themselves. I love the holidays.
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Your right about less pressure.  It's the spirit of it.We're so  busy with trimming the tree and hanging the decorations and wrapping gifts that's cause   we  all get caught up in the spirit of giving , sharing and caring . Isn't that great feeling?
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In the UK we don't celebrate Thanksgiving so our next holiday will be Christmas. I always go to my sister as she doesn't live far from me and my nephew will be cooking. He is an amazing chef and really puts on a big spread. Here we usually have roast turkey with all the trimmings washed down with a glass  of wine. For dessert (if we can manage to fit anything else in) we have Christmas pudding or trifle although I'm usually too full after such a big meal.

After all the spending is done I usually look forward to Christmas Day when I can relax and spend time with my family. My sister had a serious illness a couple of years ago and it taught me never to take family for granted because we never know what is round the next corner. Life can change in the blink of an eye.
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That s so true? We miss our father sitting at head of the table  after Grace he carves the big golden turkey.but we still have a lifetime worth of  memories 
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I'm looking forward to a fantastic time out this holiday season with my family .I know we do have fulfilled season but I'm looking out to spicing things up and making it even better.The kids are so used to vacationing in the city,most times we book a place in another city to enjoy such city but this time around I'm looking at them getting to the village to enjoy all the native stuff especially the local delicacies.

I love to enjoy the palm wine,foofoo with all kind of native soups especially the afang,Edikang ikon and abak soups.Then they get to see local places in the community. Meet all the family members they have not been opportune to meet since birth and they can learn about things about their place.I know it going to be really fun for us.
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Theirs nothing more  cherishable than a family gathering together to celebrate a time that will always treasure as a reunion.
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Yeah am only anticipating the Christmas, exactly two months from now. As you've mentioned above about the dishes, I don't think have ever about any of them but its because we're from different parts of the world. You might find that those meals are same as ours only that they've got different names and maybe different tastes due to different way of cooking.

During December holiday lots of celebrations happen but I never take them seriously because I usually find them not adding any value in my life. I just celebrate because it's like  a tradition. The only celebration that I usually cherish is the new year's celebration. Its always awesome and the feeling is always high having seen a new year. Actually, I bet those are the only holidays that am currently anticipating.
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No, I don't. I want to find new ways to earn more money and achieve my goals. Then I will need some holidays, but not this year. If I want a place for holidays, I would love to visit The Bahamas.

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