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I know some people will think this is strange but although I have been with my partner for 16 years I do not live with him. We have our own houses and we like it that way. Would this suit you or do you need to live with your partner?
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I don't think so, before you get married you should be happy with who and what you have, a partner is just to complete it.

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I don't think that it is strange because this is how two people who are involved without legal binding should live their romantic life. Others may think otherwise but I don't feel that couples who aren't married should live together. On the other hand, it is a little strange without any apparent reason for married couples to live apart.

I can understand how that works out really well for you. Especially that you've tried and failed in marriage. Plus you have a granddaughter to raise. As a senior, I think this independent love is good for you. You are probably much more experienced in life to know what you really want out of it at this point.

Only sometimes people might think ,why not make it legal since its been good for so long. Perhaps coming together is the factor that causes the hindrance in some cases. Some people are just good like that.
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You can live apart and still be happy. Maybe even happier than you'd be living together. It all comes down to what you make of it. 
Yes. Living and staying together is also need in relationship to lead a happy life. Thanks for your answer. 
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This sounds strange because it doesn't happen everyday, this sounds really new to be but talking about it being right or wrong is what I don't think we can really have an answer to.

But truthfully, I think it better to live together with ones husband or wife to as to enable oneness and the partners being able to build their future together.But come to think of it,are you talking about this in marriage context or just two people coming together as friends to become partners without any legal backings like marriage rite?.if the former is the case then I think it good to live together though it doesn't guarantee happiness but if it the latter then no problems with them since it shouldn't even be right for a boyfriend to cohabit with a girlfriend.

Being happy has nothing to do with living  or not living with anyone.
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Although we have been together a long time we have our own money, our own cars and our own houses but we are good friends and don't see other people. It's always worked very well for us.
There are some people too whoa re alone and they are more successful, having a partner is a plus to complete the structure.
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Hope you are very familiar with the quote - "United we stand and divided we fall". This goes very well to how a family should live together and my parents always says that a family that prays together, stays together in love and harmony. It's only in rare cases whereby either of the parents needs to live separately in order to help provide for the family especially financially, then I would have much blame to pile upon the parents for living apart.
Personally, my own father stopped living with us since 1995 till 2016 as a result of one serious family problem that almost broke the family financially. So, he had to leave town and relocated to another part of the country and started his business life anew. It took years for him get back up on his feet financially but he always comes to visit at least every 5 months interval.
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We've never had children together as we were both in our 50s when we met. He doesn't have any at all but I have two grown up children from a failed marriage and a granddaughter who lives with me. He is very good with her, helps her with her homework, fixes her bike etc. It works very well for us.
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Not really. Lots of people think that getting married gives one happiness and they fail to understand that you are your own happiness. You can get married to someone and he end up mistreating you and you wonder whether that's marriage of slavery. What I know is that having some companion can make you happy for example kids. What you need to avoid is being lonely  because you'll tend to think about a lot of I'll stuff and hence end up living a miserable life.

If you're living with a partner who doesn't respect you and at times you regret getting married to him, I bet you should walk out before its too late. Actually, you'll know someone's behavior and their true colours when you stay with them. Apart from companion, happiness is the key factor in any relationship.
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I agree, married is not easy but it easy to fall in love but its hard to stay in love once you living together. There will always be arguments and misunderstanding, it's not perfect all the time.
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I don't really see a thing wrong with couples living separately, and it shouldn't be yardstick for their respective happiness. Basically, happiness is something we own ourselves, it shouldn't be something dependent on any other person, be it one's partner or anybody else. Often than not people find themselves disappointed because of the high expectations of happiness from others.

Back to the matter, if couples find it deem cool to live apart from one another, they should give it a try. Besides too circulation of commodity makes it less valuable. Same it is when couples are at each others face every now then. You'll notice that that respect and affection that was once flowing from both ends will wane a little. But with little space every now and then between the couples the relationship will greatly be spiced up with much needed missed feelings.

On the other hand, if the couples think they can always live under the same roof, they can go on but it shouldn't be the primary reason of happiness for both of them.
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The happiness doesn't come from anything. It should come from our soul. So to be happy we don't need anyone. The happiness doesn't come from others.

One should find their suitable life partner. In that case our life will go smoothly and happy. That too depends on our mind. 
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