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Should I use social bookmarking sites to get more traffic through search engine? Do posting on these websites help anyway? I got an old e-book about SEO and there is a chapter about social bookmarking and organic traffic. But when I searched on google I got mixed answers. Does social bookmarking sites help SEO ?
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A No and a Yes. It's an old way of SEO, just posting on all social medias after making a post on your blog or website. But still, you can make use of social medias to boost your traffic by adding a share widget to your post page. Whenever someone who visits your page share it to social websites then you may get a benefit of it.
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yes, social Bookmark help increase search engine ranking.
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Social bookmarking can be useful but not in that old sense of scattering posts to all social pages to make backlinks. Those tricks don't work now as search engines are much smarter now than before. But still, you can make use of social pages. If you are posting contents to a page that is relevant to your blog post then you are good to go.

For example, if you have a good unique article on photography and you are posting it to a Facebook page which is dedicated to photography then it makes some sense. Instead, if you are posting the same article to a page for car reviews then you are doing nothing for SEO.

So just as you post you should share it with the right users and relevant pages to make the maximum out of it.
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sharing your link on social bookmarking sites can get you a backlink, however, these backlinks are not valued much by search engines. If you check on backlink chacker, the social bookmarking links even do not show up. However, social bookmarking can give you social signals that might help you in serp.
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It's an old school idea. If you want a really converting traffic then you must concentrate on SEO to get actual SERP traffic. If your content has a scope to become viral then it may be good to have a try on social media.
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Yes, I am sure. Social Book Marking can improve the web search.Since bookmarks are represented through tagging, metadata can be asserted to them. Increased traffic due to accessing of your website from bookmarking networks also contributes to the higher ranking in search engines, thus, even more, chances at traffic growth.
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Yes SBM helps in discovering your content in popular bookmarking sites. It also helps in boosting the traffic. But, thing have changed due to google algorithms. It's not that effective as earlier. You can publish on popular bookmarking sites to get traffic. Sometimes it helps in creating backlink also.
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Yes it will help you but not like olden days... Specially after Rank Brain you should focus on great content, blogs etc spread your content through social media, and other platforms along with bookmarking...

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