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Wine consumer generally says it is normal to smell your wine before taking the first sip as part of the tasting experience. Is it the same as like swirling?
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Wine tasting involves more than just the flavour. It involves appearance, aroma and taste. A wine taster who has a good knowledge of wine quality will take all these factors into consideration and judge it on these three factors. When it comes to taste they note the acidity, sweetness, alcohol and tannin. When the aftertaste has gone they can assess the wine.

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Wine drinkers swirl their wine glasses for this releases some of the scents that the wine is made of during fermentation.  Swirling helps the tannins of the wine be released which in part helps the wine taste better, whether sweet, sour, or dry.  There is a lot of chemistry to wine making and the first thing that happens is the grapes are crushed into what is called a must and the chemical process of the sugars and the yeasts on the skins of the grapes.  It also depends if the wine is made with the skins of the grapes or not for there are white wines that are made from skinless grapes.  If the wine drinkers drink even stronger wine then it depends on the distillation of the alcohol.  All of this is all about making a good glass of wine that tastes good and smells good.
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