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As people grow older their hair begin to rescind gradually from the front to the middle. Is there a natural remedy to prevent this from happening? Or if it has happened how can one reverse it using natural remedy?
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Been there. Get a healthy diet and a regular exercise plan is the most essential way to get the hair you had. Now I lost 20 pounds and get healthier and shiny hair.

Also, massaging is really helpful. Massaging the scalp can encourage hair growth and thickness with hair oil. You could find a lot of massaging method on YouTube, but it takes a long time to see the result.
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If you do good healthy diet and eat food that rich with Vitamin E and A because that is important of healthy hair.

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There are a few reasons for hair loss, diet, hormonal imbalance, medication and of course aging,
There are a few home remedies you could try, massaging the scalp with essential oils is said to be effective. Also onion juice is said to contain sulphurs which boost collagen production therefore promoting hair growth. Rub the juice on your scalp and leave it for around 10 minutes and then rinse off with a mild shampoo to get rid of the pungent odour.

Coconut milk is another remedy as it is rich in iron potassium and essential fats. Don't buy the milk ready made but take it from a fresh coconut and add a very small drop of lemon juice and a few drops of lavender oil. This should be left on for a few hours.

Apple cider vinegar has many uses and is said to cleanse the scalp and maintain the Ph balance helping with hair growth. Add 15ml to a cup of warm water and apply it to the scalp.
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My natural hair growth remedy is based from experience. When I was using petroleum jelly on my lips, there are some of the substance left under my nose. I noticed the growth of hair under my nose. I stop doing it and the hair doesn't grow anymore. I do not touch it or wax it because I don't want to grow it thicker. Because of that, I put a petroleum jelly on my eye brow and it grows, but not that quick. I even put it on the side of my head that is losing hair, and I can feel the growth of hair little by little now. I also uses it on my eye lashes. I put a little of it. Unfortunately, I don't know the logic behind petroleum jelly helping my hair to grow but it really makes my hair grow when I put it on the roots, not on the hair itself. Even aloe vera can make the hair grow oo.
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Hair loss is very common within the population and there are many causes for that. With age being the main cause of the kind of hair loss you described, there are many ways to manage it.

You need to pay close attention to your diet. Eat a lot of healthy fruits, drink water and exercise. You should consume food rich in protein. Proteins makes up structural components of the body and keratin makes up hair as well as other structures.

There are many natural oils you can use to stimulate growth from the tip of your hair and scalps like olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter. Massage into your scalp daily. You can also try aloe Vera gel as a hair conditioner after you wash. Take not that these remedies do not work overnight. You need to be consistent.

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