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There has been a constant question of who cheats more often between man and woman. Now let's decide it here with our reasons why we believe man cheats more than women or women cheats more than man. 

Let's hear your justification of what makes you think it's the men or women that cheats more.
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wIt depends on the parties involve. We are just human and we really easily tempted. But I rate men are most likely to get tempted so they are the one who cheated moslty.

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If both of them wants to cheat, they will cheat. What I normally know is that men cheat more and because men cheat, other women do the same as an act of revenge or for those who just wants to experience this. From the circle of my friends, to the friends of a friends, men tend to cheat more because they are more confident to hide the relationship but sooner or later, it will find out by the girlfriend or the wife because no secret is left hidden, it will always comes out. I think those women that are tend to cheat, they are really strong and confident to do that but they are not free from the consequences they are doing. The men are more confident they will not get in trouble and I guess some of them are really good in multitasking, having two or more relationship at the same time.
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I would go with the analysis that it's a 50/50 thing. Men cheat with women and vice versa. There is no where it's written that it's a man that cheats first nor the woman. It's the reason why I say it's 50/50. 
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If I had seen this question perhaps like twenty years ago, I would definitely say that men cheat more. However, in modern times, I would say that it has almost become like a competition for the trophy. Women now cheat as much as as men did.
I think, though I stand to be corrected that one of the reasons men cheat has a bearing from male entitlement. Somehow some men feel that their gender gives them that automatic right. Especially in cultures where polygamy is accepted. After all it is wooing before a wedding. Plus the men used to be the sole providers hence they did what they deemed fit and no one counters.
Now things have changed. Women work as hard as men so they believe they should have equal rights in everything. Perhaps the right to cheat too.
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It's very funny but it's actually how the world is fashioned today. Take a good look at the feminists, they want everything man enjoyed in the past, so they are equally after being cheaters as well.
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Men cheat more than women. First and foremost, no man can love one lady no matter how faithful they are. There main problem is that they easily get bored having one person for a longer time. They will always need a change. Women on the other hand are forced to cheat because of circumstances. One of the main reasons is finance.  They will prefer having an affair with someone who can at least give them cash in exchange while their boyfriends cannot afford to cater for their needs. Also, they tend to cheat when their boyfriends despise them and don't care about their well-being.
Now the main difference comes in when dealing with the situation. Men tend to be careless while women are very cautious and you'll never know whether they're cheating on you. I feel like its 50/50.
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Seriously ,I don't think that anyone makes anyone to cheat. Not even circumstances. If you want to cheat, you make up your mind and cheat and not make excuses for it by putting it on someone else. This is the mistake some people make, always looking for who to blame for what they did. 
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This is going to be a memorable moment because for the first time in a long while, me and @keibah are seeing eye to eye on a subject. Without any delay, I want to say women have the tendencies of cheating more than men do.

Now, let's not get this wrong as it's a very sensitive topic. Am only saying that women have more tendencies of cheating, not that they cheat more. Both sex are prone to cheating as it is almost becoming a way of life for us. Below are my reasons for picking women on this subject.

I like to think that if a woman doesn't attract attention and gets hits by strangers every couple of days or weeks, then there's something wrong somewhere. Women always get advances from men, even at an older age. It takes a strong willed or very dedicated woman to avoid many distractions that come by women. By saying distraction, i mean the constant advances, attention and showers of affections shown to women by amounting numbers of strangers every now and then. This can be the breaking point for most ladies, especially if their present partner lacks several certain qualities, including materials, which the woman sees in other men. Some will argue that only materialistic women behave in such manner, but then, women are known to be more materialistic than men. Correct me if am wrong.

Another reason I've come to understand why women have more tendencies of cheating is their hearts and the behavior of keeping many male friends. Most women are soft hearted and can be persuaded to indulge in almost anything if they have just a little amount of feelings for the influencer. Cheating might not be their initial reason for getting close to other guys, but the more closer they get, the more feelings, care and less guarded behavior they begin to project towards the person without even knowing it. At such point, mistakes can happen which might very well lead to unwanted cheating. Most men on the other hand keep little or no female friends which they can accidentally indulge with every now and then. 

Going back to men, I don't know about you and where you come from, but right here in my country, women do not make advances on men. It's very rare and almost like an impossible thing to ever happen. Hence, If you're a guy, then you'd probably know how hard it is to get a woman's attention first, before anything else...especially when you don't stand out from other guys like being handsome, attractive and holding the big bucks. Women on the other hand regardless of their looks and finances get all the attention. 

Off course this is how every relationship starts, so if you're unable to get started on the first step, how do you even begin to cheat? The above stated doesn't mean that men do not cheat, it only explains how a certain small percentage of men have more tendencies and motivating values in getting women to cheat with. 

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I wouldn't want to attribute cheating or being unfaithful to a particular gender,I will want to believe it about an individual choice.Both males and females cheat equally,infact the both genders are now in competition on who will cheat most.Going by the happening both online and offline I will have no doubt to think that humans are just cheating on one another and really it like a game of chess.

Before it was like a thing only done by the male folks maybe because little or no penalty were received by the men and women were heavily sanctioned but since the law became a bit lose and women are not ready to be in the shadows any more then cheating is now seen as a joke.

So my assertion is that both men and women cheat equally these days.
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I personally think that men have more opportunity to cheat because they are out and about at work while women often stay at home and look after the children. I know it is isn't always the way but my marriage failed because my husband was interested in a woman he met at work. He also had more opportunity to go out at night while I was looking after them. I suppose I could have gone out too but I wanted to stay home and look after them.

I know that women cheat too so I googled it and the results of  a survey done in the US show that men tend to be unfaithful more often than women,  20% of men cheat but only 13% of women. I'm not sure how accurate that is as it was only based on one country.  It's also interesting to note that in cultures where there are multiple partners it is almost always the man that has many wives and not the other way round.
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Cheating in a relationship is an act that is unacceptable ,wicked and am inappropriate way to behave when you are into a relationship with the other person. Sometimes, when I look at some couples that cheat, especially the married ones, I always ask myself if these ones are going to feel comfortable and still live with their partners should in case it is the other person that is doing this.

On the part of whether it is the women that cheat more in a relationship or the men, I will have to say that it is balanced to an extent. The reason is that when you take a look at how some men that have got the money behave in relationships, then you notice that men want to have more. On the other hand, when you look at how some women, understandably they face more temptations, cheat on their partners, you become confused on what is it.

So, on that note, I don't think that there is any partner that cheats more than the other when it comes to relationships as it is dependent on decisions that are personal.
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When the word cheat is mentioned either in a relationship or marriage most people do have the mind set that men will be the ones at fault, however it could be technically accepted that men cheat more because theirs are obvious and most men don't know how lie confusingly.
The advancemen in our ways of living and the desire to attain comfort put women in the leading role of cheat. It is rare for a lady who is in a relationship to have a single partner,  she rather put two people on the scale to weigh their financial security,  care and commitment with much concentration on financial security.

Men on the other hand also cheat a lot especially if they are financially buoyant, despite their comfortable and happy marriage they sometimes feels it good to make new friends which most times are just for the fun of it,  nothing serious.
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Relationships are tricky affairs for sure. Could we really say that men are the most cheats or women are the most cheats? Either way we will have people taking sides for different reasons. Both men and women cheat but i can say for aure that women are not as bad as men. Men will cheat anyhow, its like it's in their blood and cannot leave them. A man will cheat on his woman whether the woman is a saint or not, whether she's the prettiest of them all a man will still find a reason to cheat. I think men are just insensitive generally, they don't feel like cheating is a big deal to women, when it is a big deal. A woman is sensitive and whenever she has the urge to cheat she will always think about her spouse's feelings first before she makes a move, something a guy may never even think of. For women its circumstance, or frustration that drives them to cheat for men its convenience and that's very dangerous. So i would say men are more cheats than women.

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