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Hello guys. I just got my adworkmedia account verified, I'm using a cell phone and I'm wondering how I can get free traffic for the ads.

Any suggestions?

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Am not too familiar with adworkmedia, but am guessing it's kind of an online publisher reward program like Google AdSense. If that be case, congratulations on getting verified. 

Unfortunately, there's really no legit way of gaining free traffic for your site. Everything about earning online comes with effort and hard work. The internet might be packed with billions and looking to explode, but really, everyone has interest, interest for coming on the Internet. That there is how you drive traffic to your site. 

Off course there's always an easy or work around way for people looking to earn quick without doing so much work. But there's a catch on this path, it involves spending more cash. 

Ever heard of paid to click or paid to work sites? Those are places where you can employ real people legitly to drive fast traffic to your site within days. All you have to do is sign up with any of them. Deposit a certain amount of cash in your account, then post a job. Your job can be anything, a specific description on how users should visit your site and execute specific task for a specified number of times. And in return, you pay each of them a pre-stated amount of cash for each task. The amount papayable varies and depends on the paid to site, but it's usually between 10 cents to 50 cents or even up to a dollar if you're willing to pay that much. 

This is the best legit fastest way of driving traffic to your site. I don't think it can get any free than this. 

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This is true as we can't really make it unless we are ready to put the needed efforts to make it happen. This is where determination and bravery comes to play. 

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