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I used to work as a cook in an old people's home so my cooking skills are reasonable but I'm not very adventurous. Would you consider yourself to be a good cook?

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Yes. But then, even a bad cook can say that his food is sweet because tastes vary with different perso. Whatever you find sweet might not be sweet to another person. My elder brother is a chef and he's the one who taught me to cook several meals and how to make food have some sweet taste. First, I cannot cook food without the natural species like coriander leaves, ginger, pepper and the rest. These natural species are the one's that enhance the taste of a food, tomatoes and onions are essential but cannot give food an extra taste.

But then, there are some meals that will are quite hard to Cook and will need me to refer to YouTube. Actually, YouTube has been my greatest help when it comes to learn new cooking tactics. I love cooking and cooking is my hobby.
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I'm really tempted to agree or answer in the affirmative because I know my cooking skills is above average.i will write ,thanks to my mum for grooming us well in all areas and there was no discrimination when it comes to us doing domestic works even up to cooking and she being a good cook taught us well and gave us the confidence to make your meals in our own houses.

I can remember when I first moved out of my parents house,I didn't have to eat out because I could cook and I used to cook different soups weekend and stored them for the week even my friends then used to envy me as a guy because they couldn't cook and my partner used to like my cooking skills too.

I'm not a professional chef though but I can put out very delicious and palatable meals anyday.
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Yes. I am not only a good cook but an excellent one at that. I know it might sound strange since I am a male, but it just the truth. Me knowing how to cook started when I was kid. Although my mother never allowed me to cook but I have always had curiosity to know what is going on in the kitchen.
I find myself cooking without being thought by my mom or any of my siblings. Back then, I don't used to eat the food they cook for everybody at home. I prefer cooking food I want to eat because most of the times, the food they will cook might not be my kind of food. That was actually what enabled me to start learning how to cook. The food might not be delicious but it was always nutritious.

Fastward to now, I still find myself cooking for myself since I am not married yet. It is actually one of my hobbies. Even when I am married, I will still be assisting my wife to cook.
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I know I cook well but I like to be modest and let others fee like the Judges since what tastes excellent for me might be a little too sour, hot, or sweet for another. Even still, I get more than enough likes. I know my cooking is great because I have people commend me all the time.
Cooking is like a hobby for me and I like to try new recipes, mix up old ones or add something new to the ingredients. Even when I'm with friends and we need to prepare something to eat, everyone wants me to do it because they prefer my cooking. Even I also prefer my own cooking to someone else's.
I could spend hours in the kitchen and I wouldn't mind that as long as I'm dishing out something extra. I think people need to eat good food. It affects your mood in a certain happy way.
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I don't know how to cook unlike those who are really good at it. I mean is, I can cook rice and I can fry chicken and even rice, but those cooking with different menu are involved, I don't know how to do it. I think cooking is something I can learn easily because it comes in a family. I just really need to try to learn. I had tried cooking before when my father is still alive but I did not do it again, maybe because I am busy earning money and my father take over the kitchen and he is being greedy that way. He don't want me to touch her kingdom so I didn't learn anything. My role in the family is to taste the food and I am good at it.  I can learn how to cook anytime now, I just need to put on an effort to open the stove and buy foods in the wet market. It always needs my initiation.
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Yes I am confident in my cooking skills. Before I'm not a good cook but I learn to cook in college. We have cooking course in college and that is where I learn. You simply need to follow the recipes, ingredients and procedures. There in school I learn different recipes and from then on I'm confident to cook.

I know now to adjust recipes and estimate cooking time for a dish. I need to cook the dish repeatedly to perfect the taste.
It is later that I realize my passion for cooking. If I discover it earlier I want to be a chef.

During a special celebration I cook all the food and they find it all delicious. Maybe I get this skill from my aunt she is a good cook too and famous for her delicious cooking.

I can cook almost any recipe. I just need the procedure.
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My parents are well cook and they teach us their children when we were young. My late grandmother taught me too how to cook and when I was in high school one of our subjects teach us to bake and cook.These are essentials to me because they are the reason why I know how to cook today. I am not a good cook but I know how to cook.

I used to cook for our dinner back in high school. It was just an easy food,but my father is a good cook especially during occasions like birthdays and Christmas.

I never thought of baking, but when I move to a different country, I practice baking. It's really different when you have your own oven. And since I have my own family now, I am the only one who cooks for the family. My partner don't know how to cook even to fry an egg. I feel gutted but I have to cook to feed our children.
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No, I do not. Very few people have good cooking skills, because you have to be talented to cook well. Cooking is an art and I can only cook for myself, not for others.

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