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Hi there, girls! Can you please recommend me some nice online store for lingerie shopping in India. I would appreciate your input here

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I often use Clovia online store for it. There is a lot of different nice things to buy. Also, I use the help of those promocodes from which help me save some money for my next purchases. I think you will find it helpful to you too, good luck ;)

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The best online site for lingerie on clovia, u can get from daily wear lingerie to honeymoon lingerie that too online with perfect size. It has a wide range of collection and quality, especially if for wedding u have to visit there. Try once on there it will be useful for you. You can even try on flipkart even pretty good over there.
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Many online stores and apps have come up for Lingerie in India in the recent days. All the top brands like Enamor , Victoria's Secret, Lovable, Amante, Triumph are all available online. The mostly trending online stores for Lingerie are Zivame and Myntra. Zivame in itself is a brand, which also has catalogs of other brands of lingerie, sleep wear and swim wear for women.

Zivame and Myntra app are easy to use for lingerie shopping. They provide a detailed chart of the different sizes, type of bra whether it is padded, non-padded, under-wired etc using which we can select the design and size of our choice. These apps deliver the order within a weeks time and they also facilitate easy return process or exchange of size, in case the lingerie does not fit us. They have a 15 days return period. The quality of the products are also original and there are amazing discounts and coupons for first time buyers.

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