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Once in a while I take out the album of my wedding ceremony and go through all the moments/photos captured at that time. My memories run back in time and brings both joy and sorrow in my mind. Why joy? It is because of the very fact to see and know as to how young I was when I got married.
Why sorrow? Time flies. It waits for none. And a few of my close relatives and friends who attended my marriage and blessed me were no more today. That feeling of missing them makes me sad. Of course, one would say that it is all part and parcel of life and one has to accept what comes to us in our life and that is true. But everything said and done, those past memories cannot be so easily erased from our minds. Photos bring back past memories sweet or sour.
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answered by VISIONARY (9,008 points) 7 18 73
Wedding photos are for fond memories and it always special because we can only have them once and as such they need to be snapped and stored away properly for future reference and use.
I know I had framed about 5-7 of my wedding pictures.i needed visitors to just have a look at them even without asking for an album to view them.so those are placed in strategic positions in the living room.

I had to upload some so that my virtual friends far and near could view how my day went on my special day. I'm not a photo freak so I didn't really post much of it just few on my Facebook and Instagram page.

Bought a big quality album for the rest of them so that there can be preserved better and till day,there are in really good condition so that I can view them when need be.
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I just found a reliable wedding photo album service and made custom photo books. From my point of view it's the best way to safe the memories. www.tweedwolf.com
Tweed Wolf's mission is to connect lives through sharing memories. They design, edit, print and ship your beautiful bespoke hardcover book. All you need to do is enjoy it and pass it down to the next generation.
Their album makers will start working on your custom photo album as soon as you check out. You will receive your first album proof within three weeks. Additional proofs are provided within a week of your request for changes. After you approve your book, it should take one week to arrive to your home.
If you are trying to see their works then you can check their website: Professional wedding photo books

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answered by ELITE (4,084 points) 7 27 72
I keep mine in an album. Some of my pictures I gave to relatives who asked for them but most I kept. My marriage failed so for many months I could not look at them because it was too painful but now I like to look back on that happy day and have even gone through the album with my ex husband and laughed about some of the things that happened on that day. It's kind of sad because some of the people like our parents have all gone now but it was nice to bring them all together on our special day. Photos are moments captured in time and when I have gone I will leave the album to my daughter so that she can look back.

My daughter got married recently and her wedding was far less complicated than ours. She did not hire a professional photographer but got her friend to take pics and I must say the pictures are just as good. Lovely memories of a special day to be treasured forever.
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I picked all the nice photos. organized it by group, like: a) details, b) bride preparations, c) groom preparations, d) wedding ceremony, e) recessional, f) reception. Then, I uploaded in my facebook account all the nice photos and tagged my family and friends for them to view. For the hard copy of the photos, I have an album which is included with the package. then I printed out all the nice photos which were not included in the album. whenever I feel sad, I view the pictures. I gave a set of hardcopy to my granny since she is kind of old school and does not like the online things.
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Sometime I see my Wedding photo albums when I miss my wife. Because this album is a great source that turn photographs into memories. You can also show it to your kids.

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If i got married today, my photos and videos would be my top priority. Why else would people invest so much in media if they will not cherish those pictures? They are supposed to be saved and treasured as memories for years to come. What would you show your kids in years to come, if they asked you this question" did you get married in church?" Maybe one of your kids wants to get married and is looking for a reason why she or he should. Those pictures will come in handy, they will look at them and appreciate what they see. That will definitely give them morale to go on. The other reason is, you will have a wonderful time reminiscing with your better half, what a lovely feeling. Even when you seem to be disagreeing with each other, those pictures and videos will be the best remedy.
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Wedding photos keep a lot of memories of a wedding day. No anyone wants to lose albums of wedding photos but in such a digital era & traditional photo albums become a memory of past but nothing compares flipping through an album and getting all the feeds. I immediately request our photographer that don't forget to make a photo album in leather bound and another hand, I preferred to get the all photos files from photographer and saved on amazon drive.

Usually, I enjoy it whenever I feel get boring.

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