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If you want to make a really creative present consider the idea of a custom made wedding albums. I'm sure enough your friend will appreciate it. 

I've already ordered some custom made photo books at Tweed Wolf, their album book design service is simple to work with. Moreover, they provide professional help, so your album will be perfect. try them.

About Tweed Wolf: Tweed Wolf mission is to connect lives through sharing memories. They design, edit, print and ship your bespoke hardcover book. All you need to do is enjoy it and pass it down to the next generation.
Their Album Makers will start working on your custom photo album as soon as you check out. You will receive your first album proof within three weeks. Additional proofs are provided within a week of your request for changes. After you approve your book, it should take one week to arrive to your home.

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Thanks for your answer. It really help me too. It is good idea to present custom made photo albums.
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Sometimes I think it better we stylishly asked our prospective recipient what they would loved to have on their big day. It might not be you asking during the planning period but might have asked in the passing during a conversation or a discussion. Sometimes I do this so that I will get what my friend might really liked to have on his big day.

Well, I know people loved to have handcrafted gifts because these are rare gifts and there are somewhat expensive and durable.So you can get a very good artist to give a nice art work and get some durable hand crafted accessories that could be used in the living or bed room to beautify it.

Better still get some household appliances that can  help ease the couple stress on their daily household chores.
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One of my daughter's friends got married and they wanted to do their house up so they asked everyone for DIY vouchers or money which isn't very personal but it was what they wanted and better than giving them unwanted gifts. So many people just put gifts they never use to the back of the cupboard or give them away after their wedding.

I think gifts that are personalised are nice. You could get cushions or maybe a duvet set with the name of the bride and groom. I even saw a wooden jewellery box  with the name of the couple on it once or how about a box full of treasures containing gifts which mean something to them. If you know them well I'm sure yo could think of something. Perhaps you could make a video saying nice things about her, wishing her every happiness for the future. That would be nice to keep.
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This issue of gift presentation to couples that are about to wed on their nuptial day, it shouldn't be something that is expected to be done in isolation, because if you go about to get something that they might not like, it would only end up at the back of their house where it remain unused and perhaps gather dust overtime.

It is wise to use subtle approach to enquire from the celebrants what would they prefer as gifts. With this, you would be guided on what they would like and probably utilize at the end of the wedding. If this sound too unrealistic, you can try out some stuffs that require some level of creativity like inscribing their names on whatever you want to get for them. I feel everybody like things that are tailor-made for them instead of plain things that carry no element of customization in them.
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That's a really good gesture that you are planning for your friend. They must be really special for you to do something so special. Anyway if that is someone you have known for a long time, I guess you would have a clue of what he or she would love to have as a wedding present. Especially if it's a woman, she must have mentioned something to you that she would love to have or get on her wedding day that's easy. If not, why don't you give them a voucher that they can use to shop for something that they need. That way you won't end up buying something they don't need. Or if you feel you can go an extra mile, why don't you pay for them maybe a honeymoon destination or just a vacation for two at an exclusive resort. That would be a pleasant surprise and a memorable one at that.
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