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Pain is a feeling that is hard to get away from, but we can overcome it if we are willing to let go. For me i think you will know that you are healed when you are at peace and that whatever caused the pain does not make you sad. like i would say if it was a relationship that broke up, you will not resent the person who broke your heart, you will still keep the friendship regardless.

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I have no idea if am going to be making any sense on this or not. This is a very touchy subject, one that has to do with real emotions, emotions which compels and reflects people's behaviors towards certain subjects. I personally think there's no such thing as experts on this subject regardless of all the degrees or names like "councils" they use to qualify themselves. Everyone simply finds a way of dealing with individual pains.

For me, I'll say it's pretty easy to tell when it's over, the pain will simply go away. No matter how long it takes, it should go away, right? But going away isn't like a color fading away from a shirt or something, it requires self willingness to make it go away. I've dealt with pain in the past, just as explained here.
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Healing from pain completely takes a personal convictions,one just have to come to the point of self discovery and realization to put every pain behind one and be completely healed.Remenber this can only be a personal journey.Having written that to be convinced one is really past the pains life had thrown at one is when one can really go on without breaking down any longer. One is able to go pass the bitterness and sadness such pains brings.

One is looking at the brighter side of life,is delighted to forged ahead try to makes things work out,have a new and lively feelings about life.

Smile about little things and show love and care to the next person. Pains is really damaging and as such I urged everyone to always live above it.
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I can liken this feeling to when my husband and I split up. I was devastated and would keep breaking down even when I was out and about because every little thing reminded me of how happy we used to be, It was hard to get through each day at first but I had to carry on for the children. At first I thought about him all the time but after a while there were gaps and I found myself pondering on other things. These gaps got wider and wider until eventually he was hardly on my mind at all. It took a year for me to heal completely but I got there and now many years on we are the best of friends,

Emotional pain is very hard to deal with as it takes over your whole life but humans are very resilient and will learn to cope with most situations. I think the worst thing that could happen would be the death of a child and I really don't know how people come back from that.
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I think people heal from pain differently. Some people find it very easy and quick while for others it is very excruciating. I also think healing depends on how deep your wound is drawing from what caused you pain and the people involved in it. Some people are so vulnerable that pain could be very fatal for them.

I often hear the saying that time heals all pain and that with time, all the pain goes away. Yes time is a huge factor but I don't think it takes all the pain completely. In my opinion, it isn't when you feel numb from revisiting the past that you know you've healed. It is when you still feel the scars but you've moved past it. It doesn't hold you back from doing anything anymore.

You can forgive pain and hurts but I don't think that you can forget. The scars that remain will always be a reminder. A reminder that it doesn't have to be like that anymore. That you know not to go down the path anymore.
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It could be very hard to let go of emotional pain caused by heart break from love one, especially if there was no formal closure between the both parties. Such pain could linger on for number of years and if wisdom is not applied, it could lead to endless resentment toward the other person that instigated the break up(caused the pain)
We as human, we all have different thresholds for pain healing. There are those that even if they have forgiven but the pain would still be seething underneath on the floor of their minds. While they are those that are are matured enough to let go of the hurt, and they can forgive and still forget, and even go as far as maintaining mutual friendship with the person. For me, that's quite commendation.
Oh yes, when you realized that you no longer feel the pain overtime that's when you can tell that you've finally heal from the hurt. And it shouldn't be the type of healing that still bear grudges that wouldn't want to parley with the person who caused the pain.

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