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What is the reason behind you are sticking onto Answeree? I wonder how come these much people giving answers here?! I got many answers to all my questions. I am also thinking of answering here on Answeree as good as I can.

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In all sincerity, I like to write on answeree because it gives me the opportunity to do what I love, which is providing answers to question. In other words helping people with solutions to their problems that are bothering them. Apart from the rewards, the motivation for service rendering comes first because even though the site decided not pay, I would have still be writing for it.

I am super thrilled every now and then someone I provided answer to his/her question show some level of appreciation by thanking me or choosing my answer as the best among all the writers that dropped their two cents on the question. For me, there is certain level of fulfilment and satisfaction when that happens. I feel someone's need has been meant by my contribution.
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Yes. I agree with your answer. I have the same thought while I am joining here. 
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I just like asking and answering questions plain and simple. My first ever earning site was a question and answer site which has now gone so I was pleased when I found Answeree as it was very similar. It is satisfying to think I could be helping someone with a problem and to ask questions of my own that other people can answer. Without a doubt the rewards are an incentive but it's possible that if the site stopped paying I would still come here.

There have been times when I felt less like coming here but after a short break I was always drawn back. It's a little more challenging than some of the other sites I belong to as I have to put more thought into what I write but I do enjoy it and can see myself being here for a while. I'm also looking forward to the changes in January 2019 and can't wait to see what admin have in store for us!
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Am a writer who loves to write, learn from and communicate with other people...let's just put all that talk aside. As much as I want to say all those things, not that there aren't part of it, am mainly on Answeree because it's one of the most reliable writing sites and it pays to contribute.

Just like I stated above, the main attraction to Answeree for most of us is earning, I bet the bulk of us ended up here in our quest for ways to earn online. Do not get me wrong as Answeree has proven to be much more than just a site to write and earn, it's a community filled with enlightened people willing to share knowledge seamlessly. You'd understand my point of view when you put in a few days.

Going back to the question, I like to believe majority of us got invited here because Answeeree isn't quiet the everyday site you could easily pick up on search results. I, for one, got invited by my sister because she knew I work other sites like Answeree. Am a writer and I do it for the knowledge, as a hubby and most definitely a source for income. I hope my last sentence gave you a proper answer to your question.
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I write on answeree because I like to help people with their questions especially those that sincerely need in-depth answers to their questions. Alot of times we learn and grow from other words and experience and writing on here make us learn from one another. Answeree is an awesome avenue to satisfy a curious and inquisitive mind and as such, writing here and also reading other answers will put our minds to rest.

Again I like the fact that answeree rewards it's participants and this give one the zeal to always want to write here daily. You know sensing that money will be paid can be a motivating factor for anyone to complete a task.

Aside these two answeree helps in engaging one's brain.it help stimulate my brain and also put my brain to work to avoid being dormant.
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I came across Answeree as a review on beer money forum. I was looking for newer ways to earn money online  and the review was written so well that it got my interest immediately. I registered here as soon as possible and I've not looked back.

Answeree is no longer just an earning site for me. I enjoy every bit of time I spend here. I'm fascinated that people come here to ask pressing questions. The most part of it is when members give their honest opinions. I'm always thrilled and encouraged when my answers are appreciated.

To be honest, Answeree is one the the best sites I've ever worked on. I find myself longing to be here and it is like I've missed something when I'm not here. I think you should give it a try answering questions. It is really interesting.
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Well in my candid opinion I write in so or many places and certainly I enjoy writing. Over time i have used written skills to develop my speaking and vocal presentation in a lot of ways.
Also, certain things that inspired me into writting is the power I see or saw on black and white with tenses that are so seducing. Educative and many more.

It now becomes more imperative and practically encouraging in answereeansweree.com that when you write, you earn.

Furthermore, its not only about written in answeree a lot of topics here raise me up to research and inspires me to write in contributions.

The more I write in answeree the more I continue to grow. I love it.

So if I have my ways and the sight continues in this manner without folding up. I'll always write here to educate people and to aswel contribute to ideas that are needful.

Another reason why I write in answeree is because the thread or questions raised on it are close to every day life
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The reason why you are getting so much answers on the question topics which you have asked on the website answeree is because there is a major breakthrough with lots of organic traffic growing on the website because of a lot of visitors coming into the website on daily basis. So, this makes it possible to get more than 10 answers to the questions which you asked or even more. I have seen some questions here on the website answeree that have more than 15 answers and I'm sure it's going to most likely be increasing as long as the traffic on the site keeps growing.

The one reason why I love adding answers to questions asked on the site answeree is because I have this urge to express myself in any way I can and doing so with the help of participating in answeree is one way I do that.
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I'm after the fun and enjoying and also motivated by the earnings. I like sharing my thoughts online and also helping people with their questions.

I'm new to this site and I think I'm going to like my stay here. Q&A sites, discussions sites and forum sites are easy to join and participate. The payment is small but it is better than nothing.

I'm still learning the site. I'm planning to ask more questions and hopefully get the best answer I needed.
Sites like this makes me also practice my written English. I'm a Filipino so this gives me opportunity to practice my English.

Some  Q&A sites have difficult questions that requires expertise. Here you can find questions that are easy to answer.

I hope Answeree will be a great place for me to hangout this 2019
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I came to know this by Quora. I was searching for Online part time job. At that time I came to knew about Answeree. Next I have searched for the reviews of the site. Yeah, Its good reviews. So I decided to join the community. I am really happy and proud to here. I am earning money here. But that is secondary. I am gaining knowledge here. I am learning new things daily. Thanks Answeree. You made my life more Interesting. 
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