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I want to start mining Bitcoin. What are the options today? I don't know much about it and I would like to get some tips and recommendations here...
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When it comes to mining, I prefer using some plug-and-play solutions. I am not an engineer or a computer specialist, so it is the best solution for me. I would like to get such a thing for me like the project from http://mineunit.com/ It will be a very nice and convenient miner which will be used for easy mining at home. Looking forward to getting one

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Step 1. You will need a "wallet" to get started. This is a bit like a PayPal account where your bitcoins can be stored. You can store this wallet online or locally on your computer. You will need to download a large "block master file" to use a wallet. For an online portfolio, you can try to coinbase.com. With an account, you can buy, use and accept Bitcoins.

Step 2. Join a pool, such as the Slush bitcoins pool. But it is worth noting that there is always the danger that the pool owner can keep all 25 bitcoins when a block is drawn, since the 25 complete coins are paid to one person: the pool owner.

This means that you will need to choose a reliable pool owner. The Slush pool was the first and has been operating since December 2010. In its own words, it has a "long history of stable and accurate payments."

Step 3. Install a Bitcoin Miner on your PC. There are two types: CPU and GPU. For beginners, the Kiv GUI miner is recommended.

Step 4. Log in to your Bitcoin pool account and enter the wallet address. You can do this by checking your wallet account that you created in step 1.

Step 5. Register your workers. Each worker is a sub-account within their Bitcoin pool account. You can have more than one employee running on each computer.

Step 6. Finally, enter your working credentials into your Bitcoin mining software, and then enter the main group URL so your employees can start mining.

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