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asked in Beauty+Fashion by ELITE (4,084 points) 7 27 72
I feel that I do need to use a deodorant but I know people who say they keep themselves fresh with just soap and water. Is this really enough?
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For me no, because there are some natural alternative you can use for your under arms that doesn't harm.
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Deodorants makes one have a good smell. It's the main reason for its production in the first place. 

It helps to control and manage body odor. 

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answered by VISIONARY (9,008 points) 7 18 73
It is very important to use a deodorant after taking ones bath. Just using water and soap wouldn't cut it because later on in the day one will have sweated and what causes bad smell is sweat which just bathing with water and soap wouldn't cut it.

Deodorant is antiperspirant that helps to kill odor and unpleasant smells. It also help prevent us from sweating excessively through acting on the sweat gland.
Soap fragrance isn't strong enough to douse off smell emitting from our body especially the armpit that is why it is necessary to apply deodorant with a stronger fragrance to last longer on our bodies.

So no  matter how many times we take our bath and feel we have freshen up nothing can best the freshness gotten from using a deodorant all day.
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answered by LEGEND (6,011 points) 6 13 27
I don't think that I can go a day without deodorants. They are essential to a person's personal hygiene. The armpit especially is a very sensitive part because of the presence of larger hair follicles. There's always tendency to sweat and the combination of sweat, body oils and micro substances isn't pleasing at all.

I've heard people say they are good with only soap and water. Yes soap and water can clean you up real nice but it doesn't give you the lasting effects that deodorants and antiperspirants have. It isn't nice to go around upsetting people with odour when you can do something about it. Gone are the days when deodorants were not available.
Even then, people made use of lime and other natural remedies. Up to date, some who have health concerns, or are sensitive to deodorants use lime instead.
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answered by ELITE (3,221 points) 5 12 23
We don't really need them all the time. I understand the act of wanting to always feel refreshed and smell good, but do we even know the risk some these products pose to our healths?

Deodorants are mostly chemicals applied to the body to prevent odor caused by perspiration due to bacterial breakdown - antiperspirants which are used to block sweat by affecting the sweat glands are the most common form of deodorants. This means that very strong chemicals needs to be involved as part ingredients for a substance to qualify as deodorant. Aluminum is one very constant chemical in almost all antiperspirants.

Aluminum in antiperspirants appears in the form of Aluminum Chlorohydrate. It's been proven that the presence of aluminum in the body at high doses, adversely affects the bloods brain barrier and can also cause epigenetic effects due to it's capability of damaging the DNA. This is just one chemical and the damaging health risk it poses to the body. They are at least half a dozen different chemicals in every deodorant which have their different effects on the body. Some have even been connected to diseases like breast cancer, kidney dysfunction, etc.

I guess my point is, we don't have to always use deodorants all the time since they pose some health risk. We can simply find ways to limit our constant use of them. For instance, we can skip their use when we're indoors or aren't going out to undertake hectic task which leads to perspiration. Little things like this might just make a difference. We can never be too careful.
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answered by LEGEND (6,072 points) 7 22 49
The use of deodorant is not a question of necessity but individuality. We have many people that don't make use of it while also we have others that can't do without it. The use of deodorant becomes needful for those that have body odor. But it's not only for those having body odor as well as for those who like the scent of fragrance it provides when it's wore.

On the other side of the coin, there are those that feel there is no need to wear deodorant, perhaps due to the fact that they don't have body odor that needs to be subdued by the use of it. And there those that do have body odor but they don't just like anything with fragrance.

Medically, there are those that the use of deodorant is not recommended for, as it could cause irritable problems for the user including kidney issues. It's often advisable to seek doctor advise before making use of deodorant, especially if you find it not suitable for your health condition.
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For me I can live without deodorant because I never use it now. I don't have a heavy work to do that will make me perspire. I'm not sweaty in a day so I don't have a wet underarm.

I think I'm the same with my father. He is a driver but I don't see him use a deodorant. We have same body type. My mother and my other siblings always use deodorant regularly.

For me I just take a bath everyday and make sure I use an anti-bacterial soaps that kills germs so I stay fresh all throughout the day.

However when I use to have regular job, I make sure I put deodorant for protection. But really my underarm is mostly dry all day. Now I just stay at home I don't use deodorants anymore. It save me money.

I'm proud to say I don't need deodorant and I'm always fresh. Maybe if I use beauty soaps I will develop body odor.
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answered by ELITE (3,548 points) 4 25 92
I'm of the opinion that it's very important to wear body deodorant because it makes one have a good smell that is very inviting especially when you just took your bath and dressed up all new and fresh. Some people have natural body odor health problem, and they are partly the main reason why body deodorants and even perfumes were made in the first instance.
When you have poor health hygiene, you don't take your bath as and when due, then there is every possibility of getting to suffer body odor problems which is something that is very disgusting. I'm not sure if there is anyone who would be comfortable to seat close to any individual who has body odor because most times the smell is suffocating. But the deodorants helps a lot in reducing the smell.
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answered by (900 points) 1 3 12
Deodorant is necessary in an evolved society, since it's generally considered respectful not to smell bad when you leave the house. It's not possible to stay smelling fresh without deodorant, since you sweat whenever you exert yourself. Sweat smells bad. Deodorant is specially made to counteract this, and that's why you should wear more when you exercise.

The reason some people smell good to us is because our immune systems are the opposite. This is nature's way of trying to get the genes of both immune systems to be passed on to the offspring. However, this means that people with the same immune system as you smell extremely unpleasant. This is why some people think that some people smell good and don't need deodorant.
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Some peoples hygiene are different. I feel if you do not have no odor without deodorant it is perfectly fine to not use it. But if you do its best if you do because it is a necessity to most humans. Very few people sweat a lot so if so feel free. Im a female and i keep it on 24/7 my opinion only. No criticism, everyone is different.

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