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Well,I'm a sucker for new things because I believe it will pay off that way than going for a refurbished of anything  though it might be cheaper but I wouldn't mind going for brand new ones. So I will go for a brand new sofa.

A new sofa would last longer and durable too.Getting a new one might means going for a current designs and natural for me to pick the colors that will befits my room color too than a reupholstery one.
A new sofa looks more desirable than a refurbished one, since the quality of material will be better and will be very new which point to fact of  the sofa being of high quality. A sofa don't need any other finishing touches like the reupholstery, with a new one after the assessment and choosing what one want and payment made then one can go with it immediately.
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I don't think there is anybody out there that would substitute new something for an already used one. As for this case, I will definitely go for the new for sofa. I am aware that the cost of acquisition might be little bit pocket-unfriendly, but I wouldn't want to compromise on quality because of that.

Basically, why I would opt for new sofa over reupholstery, is that new sofa would essentially provide much needed comfort and cushion than the reupholstery. And more importantly, the new sofa would not require further tending to it like reupholstery, which need patching and sewing and general mending, and this for me is total waste of time and effort regardless of the fact that they can be bought at a relatively cheap prize.

Lastly, new sofa will be more safe to use as the reuphlostery might be filled with bed bugs.
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I think that buying a new sofa would be a great idea because I'm the kind of person who loves all my stuffs to be a brand new one and looking at how comfortable and sweet new sofa makes the appearance of an apartment present itself, I'm very sure it helps so much in improving the ecstatic beauty of the apartment.

Although new sofa is very expensive most times depending on the kind of material that was used for its construction and the kind of design it came with. If my memory serves me correctly, the complete set of sofa I bought few years ago for my living room cost more than 180,000 thousand naira.

Sofa that are built using leather materials are the most expensive in the market today because leather materials are very costly but durable.
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This will really depend on how the sofa looks like. First and foremost if i was to buy seats or sofas, i will check out the material that has been used on that sofa before i purchase it, because that plays a big role on how long the sofa will last or how durable it is.  Once i have that checked then i will decide to purchase and ònly then will i know after how long i will need to reupholster or redo them. Actually its the where and tear that will determine whether i should go for a new set of chairs or not. Though if i had a choice, or if the finances were available i would rather go for a new set, why not! That would give my living room a face lift which would be good. And then the old set can be donated to someone who needs a sofa or wishes to have one and can't afford it.
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That is true, buying new one needed to be double check, I remember when bought one before we don't even like it after few days from purchasing.
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If I wanted to buy a sofa, I really prefer to buy the new one, the one that is cheaper but in good quality. When doing an upholstery it will cost the same.I remember when my father in law, he had these single seats that is very old, but still in good condition. He wanted to change the design of it and the foam, so he ask for it how much the shop charge, and it really expensive to do the one chair. He said it is around $200-$300,so I was thinking of buying new sofa instead of redoing the old one. Sometimes we need to evaluate things before we decide, it could  be costly or less either the two. If it has a good value, maybe it is worth to keep it and do reupholstering, but if not, then just buy a new one.

On the other side, re-upholstery will save the environment and saving your furniture.
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