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Having a good domain name is essential for a reputable blog.A domain is like a mirror to a site, everyone sees a site through the eye of a domain name and as such care should be taken when choosing a domain name. The following should be taken into consideration when choosing a domain name.

It must be catchy enough to attract people.

The right extension should be used according to the theme of the site

Research should be done about the name before picking it

The name should be a bit short so that it can be remember by people.No need having a long domain name that can't be memorize by members

Use keywords and let it be what can be easily pronounced and spell out too with ease.

It should such that it can easily be typed and keep it within your blogging area.
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If you have specified what your blog is aiming at, maybe Answerees could share the more particular idea to you.

Domain names have a massive impact all over the web in terms of online promotion and brandability. You'll want it:

Be short, easy-to-type and have a clear pronunciation. The potential visitors could forget a complicated name. For example  Dropbox.

Be clever, which sounds like a brand and fits your business smartly. For example PayPal.

Use Keywords that people might enter when they are searching for your website or products. For example Grammarly.

Make it Special, to protect and build your brand. For example, Gucci, Cyclonis.

Use an appropriate domain name extension. Extension are suffixes such as .com, or .net. Now a bevy of new domains like .org, .io, .co offer a great opportunity to register short and highly relevant names.

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Picking a domain name is quiet easy, but a site owner needs to put some factors into consideration when or preferrably before choosing a domain name.

A domain name has to be unique, since it's the intended address for your site. I believe the most natural thing to do first when picking a domain is choosing a name that matches the name of your intended blog or website. No one wants to gets a domain that says a different name from the website. People often do not remember exact web addresses, so they simply search the name of the website. This is why you need your domain bearing the same name as your website. However, it is sometimes difficult to get your preferred name available. In this situation, it's recommended you search different domain host for availability of your preferred name, or you simply try a reseller host.

Secondly, it will be wise to go with top level domains (TLD), am talking about domain suffixes like .com, .net etc. This is because most people are more familiar with TLDs and will most likely enter a domain name followed by TLDs.

Another recommended tip is to make certain that you subscribe with a reliable host as access to your website solely depends on your host. You won't want your domain name with a host that runs on managed servers and likely to shut down without any notice. That is why it's recommended you subscribe with big hst companies who have been in business for a long period of time. The only problem with major host providers is high cost of subscription. Hence, you should also make certain whatever host you go with are affordable.

Another key factor to put into consideration are search engine keywords. This is very important as search engines are likely to produce search results based on the most used keywords on the internet. Take the word "eloquent " for instance. This is a word that is rarely entered on search engines. If you choose a name like this for your domain, chances are search engine results will come up short on your website. It will take more than the usual search for users to come across your website on the internet. Using a popular search keyword on the other hand might randomly surface your website to internet users.

From my personal experience, the above mentioned tips are probably the most important factors to be considered when choosing a domain name.
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You online domain name is everything that makes you website, forum or blog what it is in the eyes of every single person who you would ever deal with using your online business platform. Domain name is the core identity of your online business and the moment you mess it up, it's has already marked the disintegration of your online business bit by bit. Domain names are very important because they are what gives your prospective online customers and clients the first impression about your business because the domain name represents what your online business is going to offer. So, choosing a domain name should be done not in haste and a domain name that truly represents in a unique way what your online business is all about should be your priority.
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