I am looking for a professional lawyer in Sevilla, who will help to overcome some issue. If you have any idea about a lawyer then suggest me as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance..
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Make sure you go online on local ads to find the right lawyer for your case - you can search on forums, facebook, (general social media) and city offices

Before picking a professional make sure you talk to past clients and preferably hire someone who you get references from previous clients

also go online and check the professional's name for possible reviews

The more you know  on the person you are to hire the better.
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Getting a good lawyer is always going to be as anything once you have the right links to locate them. I don't have any idea on how to get one here, but if you can widen your search net on a search engine like Google, then it is going to work in your favor. There are tips that you should always remember when looking for a professional service provider and one of them is the reviews that the person has gotten.
Ensure that the lawyer that you will be hooking up with has got a lot of positive reviews before you accept for him to do anything for you and another thing is to really focus on getting to understand what the person is good at as there are lawyers that are good in financial crimes while others are good in other aspects. So, get to meet him in person so that you guys can have a long talk on whether he/she can be able to handle the situation.
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