For those of you who are well versed in using any social media sites or applications that gets launched, I would like to hear about your experience with using the all mighty 2go chat messenger. 
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Back in the days when I first laid my hands on the Nokia Asha 201, I have to admit that 2go was the first chat app that I downloaded from the internet. Back then, I was in the secondary and since this chat app was what most of the friends that I had then were using, I have to join the gang. It was a sweet experience for me as I got to make a whole lots of friends both from the state that I was residing in and in other places. While on the app, you see different rooms, that is segmentation of the chat rooms, where you can meet and chat with some of the people that you wish to be friends with and it was awesome being part of such rooms then.

Another thing is that I was always looking for some female friends and it happened that a lady that I dated for some months was also gotten from this site and on that note, I would say that it was a great experience for me chatting on the 2go site.
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I had experimented years back with 2go chat app because I heard funny stories then.i wasn't keen on using the messenger but just wanted to experienced the usage of the chat messenger and it wasn't different from the story that abound.

I know the developer never intended that for the messenger but users turned it into a dubious chat seem almost everyone on the site was just out to outsmart one another.i noticed so much fraudulent activities on the site. I read so much stories then online about what people especially girls where going through in the hands of guys they met on 2go.

Personally,I met good debaters there because I decided to join the political group and we used to have heated argument but spammers made me quit the site very early.
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The experience I had with using 2go messenger was awesome. From personal assessment, whatsapp evolved from 2go messenger, because I could recall back in my university days how we used to use 2go. And back then whatsapp hasn't gained popularity among its users. We were so into 2go that we can spend a whole day on the application chatting with friends.

In terms of comparison between whatsapp messenger and 2go messenger, I came to the realization that they both have a lot in common. The feature which made whatsapp so peculiar such as the creation of group, which house large number of members was also a feature on 2go. But it wasn't called "group chat" instead it was called "chat room". We used to join any chat rooms that we find very interesting, especially those ones that allow us to toast girls.

Notably, I have realized that whatsapp has taken the place of 2go. I rarely see people who still make use 2go this days.
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Wow, so someone still remembers 2go chat messenger. Back in those days when we were teenagers 2go was the first trending chat messenger that we all used and it's very common and easy to use. The good thing about 2go messenger is that it doesn't need big Android smartphone to work, with just any simple Java internet enabled phone device, you can easily download your 2go and start connecting with your friends made over the internet on the social network.

I can still remember some of the friends that I made through 2go chat messenger and I'm still in contact with some of these friends of mine. There is this girl called Jennifer, we meet on 2go and till today we are still very close friends. We have both visited each other on several occasions.
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This question really takes me back to when 20go was like the hottest thing ever. The feeling back then was like that of facebook and instagram put together. Now you'll get what I  mean. 2go was fun and addicting plus you only needed the littlest of airtime to use it all day.

I loved how people were present in real time. I loved the interesting discussion rooms. I came across the funniest of names on that app. The games were my favorite. I would spend all day trying to win and I did win a lot.

I just wonder what happened to it and if there's anyone that still uses it. It would be nice to have something like that again but I doubt it would bag so much fans like back in the days. There's a lot of interesting social networks now. Who knows. Maybe!
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Is this like a Naija thing? Well, I guess so given the platform originated from within, or am I wrong? Come to think of it, were they non-naija peeps on 2go? I can't remember because it's really been a while.

2go is (was) probably one the best platform to ever graze the face of social media back in the days, am talking way back when popular platforms like WhatsApp wasn't even a brand yet. I had my fair share of fun on 2go, I mean it was crazy. The most interesting part of 2go asides chatting and meeting new people for me was the game sections. I loved competing and taking part in them just for fun. There was hardly a day you won't find me on 2go.

Unfortunately, lack of proper management made it fall below expectations. The emergence of WhatsApp and other like platforms made it even harder for 2go to keep up.

Did you know that 2go now has an android app? I came across it sometime ago while surfing through playstore. I think I'll download it now and see how it's kicking.
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Interestingly the word 2go sounds very great and awesome as it reminds me of the lovely past and wonderwonderful moments of eagerness to know it and start using it.
If my memory hasn't fail me, I have a friend who was schooling in FUT MINNA in area of Niger state who actually came visiting and introduced us to 2go messenger.

At first i never bought into it but as time goes on or by I started seeing the reality in it.

So suddenly I picked interest but quite unlucky that I didn't have phone as at then. So i borrowed a friends phone and register it.

From there I started chatting and trust me. It was a wow as at then. Because all we use to know is calling and text messaging until then.

I later got a phone to enable my 2goin private and comfortably. I think the phone was Nokia E71 and it made me mavel a lot.

One interesting thing of feature of 2go messenger is that every account has grade and level starting with novice and progress to the highest which is Veteran. The progression which i believe depends on how much time one spend on it.
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2go!!!! of good memories that can not be erased. It is Was the first messenger app that got lots of traffics and addiction in my country back in the early 2000's, it almost makes people abandoned the fun they derive from facebook and other social media platforms as at then.

It was a very simple app that is compatible to almost all social media enable phones , it is very cheap interms of data consumption. It connects a lot of people from different parts of the world.

I cant forget the funny message tones it has, the group discussions from different groups likes countries, states,  singles,  musics,  dating and lots, there were lots of 2go orchestrated couples and friend that are still bonded til date.The invention of whatsapp gradually took a way 2go.
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