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There are so many football or soccer leagues in the world, for example English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Siera A, German Bundesliga, French Ligue etc.

Among all these leagues, which one do you think is the best? 

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I don't think it would be appropriate for one to place one league above the others, especially the four main European Leagues such as Spanish la liga, English premiere league (EPL), Italian siera A and German bundles liga. Honestly, these various leagues have their peculiar philosophies and style which immensely influence the leagues structures. And these structures are the intrinsic determinants of the popularity and level of competitiveness in these leagues.

However, there might be strong arguments that one of these four league is better than the others, perhaps due to its level of competition, popularity, financial muscle, or calibre of players in the league. Majority of people use these parameters to judge which particular league have the edge over the others. No doubt, when it comes to popularity, financial muscles and competitiveness, EPL have the edge in these areas, but that does not make them the best, because there are key things that other leagues have that they don't have.

For instance, La liga have the fluidity in terms of play, siera A have defensive pedigree while bundles liga have fluidity and great mental strength.

Looking at all these criteria, you would notice that they is no particular league that have them all. For that reason, it won't be right to say one is better than the others.
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I do definitely understand everything you are trying to say about the difference and dynamics each leagues comes with by not seeing it logical to place one above another. But in my opinion, there are some leagues that plays better and attractive football than others. 

Spanish La Liga plays the most attractive and exciting football. 

English Premier League is the most toughest league. 

Siera A is the most physical league. 

German Bundesliga is on the same level with French Ligue in my opinion. 
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There are only three major league football which I'm currently disposed to watching, they are English Premier League, Spanish La Liga and Italian League Siera A. Normally, I'm only used to watching just English Premier League and Spanish La Liga until Real Madrid sold Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus. This single act influenced me into taking interest in also watching Italian Siera A.

So, if I'm going to be choosing the best football league, my options are only England, Spain and Italy. I'm going to give you an honest answer about how football fans behaves, we all are biased when it comes to making decisions where our favorite club and players play, so as a result of this, I'm going to tell you that best league used to be Spanish La Liga till Real Madrid sold Ronaldo to Juventus. Now, the best league to me is Siera A.
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In terms of competitiveness, I would say that the English Premier league is the best since it is the league where you get to see some top clubs such as Manchester City and Liverpool dropping points against some lower ranked teams. What I have realized about that is that the clubs in the division have always got enough money to spend in the sense that clubs such as West Ham United always spend more than some bigger clubs in Spain and Germany every transfer window.
However, when you are looking at how some teams that are playing attractive football plays, then you should be talking about the Spanish league. This is a league where you get to see some top players emerging from with the style of short passing and attacking football that goes on there. So, while there is much competition in English league, the Spanish league offers exciting football.
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The best league actually depends on individual and the kinds of clubs aswel as players involved.
I think to me, the best league isisEnglish premier league and second best is Spanish laliga Why because i'm a manchester united and machester  united club is in ENGLAND found in English Premier league.

So, in english premier league most matches are played in the weekend except in some exceptional circumstances when it is played during the week.

English premier leave became best to me to the kind of players i met in Manchester United when i started watching  league football far back in 90s. The league is very interesting and comprises of much interesting clubs and I think it is the most watch in the world.

When players like christiano Rinaldo was in Manchester United, he actually made me
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Am going to go with @Henrywrites on this one. I don't just think, I believe the English Premiere League is the best in the world. Not because of it's popularity amongst other European leagues, but because it's probably the most competitive league in the world of football. I believe these are some of the criteria which might be put into consideration if leagues were to be rated.

I've been watching football way back before the days of Roberto Carlos, Zidane and the likes of Ferdinand in what was the actual Real Madrid. I followed Italian SerieA back when AC Milan was the most favorite to win a champions league trophy. I've also been following EPL since before the arrival of chelsea's greatest manager ever, Murinho. So drawing from my personal football watching experience as stated above, I can say that the english premiere league is the most favorite for a majority of people because it's competitive, unpredictable, produces skillful players and also considered as the epic center of football in general. This simply makes it the best in my opinion.

Other leagues are doing great too. The Spanish LA Liga league will follow in the lead of EPL for me, then we can talk about Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and a few others.These leagues are home to some of the best teams in the world and highly competitive too. But I can't say the same about others as it's almost easy to see who wins every single match fixture. 

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