There are some people who are very comfortable sleeping without wearing anything clothes and I'm among such people. 

Do you enjoy sleeping naked or wearing clothes? 
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Even if the weather is really hot, I will never go to sleep naked. I will either wear something that is shorter or lighter, than having myself naked in bed. The funny reason is this. I have an Auntie and she loves to be naked in bed. She do it all the time. She will just cover herself with a blanket and that's all. Besides she is the only one using her room. One time, there was a fire in the neighborhood. She was awaken by the sound of the people rushing. She went rushing outside her house and starts screaming because the fire was just near their house. She ran inside the house to get her stuff and she able to salvage every important things she was keeping. One guy came rushing to her with a big towel. She realized she was naked all the time. That is the lesson I learned so I will never ever sleep naked.
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Most times, the ladies tend to sleep naked more often than men. This is something that is very common with my university girls when we were still in school. 
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I love it! It's so liberating to sleep naked. I can't sleep wearing clothes even if it's boxer alone. There is this inexplicable freedom that comes with sleeping naked. Putting on clothes while sleeping is like I am caged in them. I guess that's why I find it difficult to sleep outside my apartment. This is an issue for me if I visit my relatives.
Honestly, if I don't sleep naked, I can't sleep well. I don't know if it's because I've made it a habit, that's why. I believe I've developed a pattern for it unconsciously. I also feel the hot weather condition we often experience caused it. And even though, the weather is cold this days, instead of wearing clothes, the best I could do is to cover duvet.
It won't be surprising to know that there are people that can sleep while being naked. They must also have their reasons best known them.
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Exactly! If you really want to know the fun and full satisfaction of your sleep, go to bed all naked and have every part of your body feel the air blowing over.

At times, I do feel cold but I wouldn't mind because the sleep is really enjoyable. 
But in my own case, I won't be able to enjoy the sleep anymore if the cold is too much except I find a covering and wrap myself underneath it.
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Sleeping naked is actually full of fun since the skin will be fully opened to fresh air and every part of the system will be relaxed since the cloth won't be inhibiting the skin. The only reservations that I hhave about sleeping naked is the fact that, it is not actually suppose spiritually since the demons and agents of evil are always busy moving about in the night looking for naked place to stay. Though its not everyone who actually understand the jin(evil spirit) but they are actually true.

Another very important reason why I don't advice sleeping naked is due to an experience of robbery I had in my very young age. A thief entered there apartment in the middle if the night through the ceiling and when the thief got into the house, both husband and wife were awake and baked. The husband and wife started dragging with the thief but they couldn't follow the thief out because they were both baked. The thief pushed them both and open the door to escape. So sleeping naked doesn't keep one at alert.
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I have never had a robbery experience in my life for once because I live in a very secure area with both police and army barracks very close. 

Sleeping naked makes me feel very comfortable and relaxed as it helps me to enjoy my sleep very well. 
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This is kind of a weird question, but funny, funny because it just reminded me of an incident I had years back with regards to the topic. Let me start by sharing it.

You know how life in college is - parties, hangouts and all sorts of adventures that sometimes leaves you stuck in a place for the night. This was one of those times. It got really late and I was left with no option but to pass the night in a friend's place. It was just the two of us, so we shared his bed. I guess I slept first.

I can't really remember what happened, but something woke me up in the middle of the night. And BOOM, there he was. At first i thought it was a dream, but realized it wasn't when I tried waking up again. This guy was completely naked next to me. Plus the lights were on and he had one of his legs touched against mine. I was shocked at the sight of him. Without thinking twice, I jumped off the bed and screamed, damn dude, what the h## is this? Are you trying to do something to me or what? I mean, it was a guy like me, but for God's sake am straight. Maybe I would have reacted differently if it was a girl wink. He too was shocked by my behavior, I guess because it was totally normal for him, he always sleeps naked. He tried explaining it to me, but I wasn't ready to listen to a thing he had to say. I grabbed my stuffs and left his place at that hour not minding how late it was. The next day, we met in class and laughed over it. Lol#

Well, as you can see from my experience with my friend above, am one of those people who don't enjoy sleeping with at least a short on. I can't say I have any good reason why, it just feels more comfortable for me sleeping with cloths on.

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It's definitely going to feel odd for you being in bed with someone who is used to sleeping naked. If you are not used to it or you never had an experience, the act it's definitely going to freak you out when you wake up seeing a guy beside you stark naked. 
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Sleeping naked is whether specific personally for me I wouldn't want to sleep naked or just want to sleep out of pleasure but sometimes it because of heat and sweat. I only enjoy sleeping naked when the house is hot and I'm sweating profusely. The skin will be tensed and the only way to make it relax is through letting air get into the skin and how can we do this, it will be through sleeping naked because still having clothes on while sweating will make the body very uncomfortable and of course quality of sleep will reduce that's if one will even be able to sleep.

I noticed that sleeping naked makes one sleep soundly and even when turning and rolling one would hardly get choked with clothes. So if need be to sleep naked I don't hesitate provided it not harmful to anyone.
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I have a hot blood and it makes me sweat all the time. This is why I am always fond of sleeping naked because any clothes on my body would discomfort my sleep as it would make me sweat too much at night. 

It's only sleeping with the air conditioning unit that solves this heat problem for me. 
I think the culprit here has always been heat. I sleep all covered in a cool environment, the body can't just stand any form of heat when about to sleep. 

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