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Normally, people always makes use of pocket wallet or purses to put their money and other small valuable items. 

Do you make use of pocket wallet or a purse? 

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I always make use of purses and wallets. Right from time, while growing up, it became like a trend especially between the girls to carry around cute purses with very intricate beautiful details and nice catchy colours. We didn't really have much to store in them. We just loved the compliment they gave us.

As an adult now, it is more than just an accessory. I always carry a purse or wallet wherever I go. Mostly because of emergency. You never know what could happen. In it I've got my identity card, credit cards, passport, and other important items that may be needed God forbid there's a situation.

I also love to carry some change in them. Rather than hold money in my hands plus I do not have a lot of outfits that come with pockets. A wallet works just fine for me. Even when I carry a bag, I always have my wallet inside.
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I always makes use of pocket wallets because it is obvious that male do not use purses as they are strictly meant for woman.
Pocket wallets help me alots to keep somewhere many valuables aside money, I can keeps debit cards,  my identity cards and other things that are Wallet friendly which are also of daily uses as we carry on with daily activities. Each time I am out and I forgot to carry my wallet I easily feel it within me because  the pocket will become lighter.
I doubt if there is any male or female  adult who will move around without a purse or Wallet,  regardless the amount you have inside it shows how mature and exposed you are. You will be respected when you transact with the use of purse or Wallet instead of just dipping your hand in your pocket and bring out money.
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If you are man, pocket wallets are more comfortable for us. Although, I have seen a man that makes use of purse but it's a fancy purse anyways. It actually looked cool in my opinion. 
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I prefer to have a wallet although I must admit to shoving loose change in my pockets on occasions rather than taking my wallet out of my bag, Sometimes when I need change I can go through my coat pockets and find a substantial amount because I was too lazy to get my wallet out.

I think if you are going to carry a wallet it is advisable to keep it in a bag which can be secured with a zip or some other form of fastening as it is so easy to reach into an open bag and take a purse out especially when shops are busy and there are lots of people about, I see people who keep a wallet or phone in a back pocket of their jeans and wonder how many get their money stolen this way. It is easy for a nimble fingered pickpocket to remove a wallet from a pocket without the owner knowing. Keep your money safe people especially now we have Christmas coming up.
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I used to make use of wallet but it turns out to be too small which sometimes makes it very hard to contain all I needed to carry with me at one point in time and it's not ideal to carry two wallets at the same time because there will be high risk of losing or misplacing one in the event of carrying out one's days activities.
But currently, I'm no longer comfortable with making use of wallet because I had one sad experience when a pick pocket snatched my wallet in the market without my having an idea it happened until I wanted to pay for some of the items I bought. I was left frustrated as even my ATM card was taken along with the wallet. After that experience, I resorted to making use of purses because they are a lot bigger than wallets and can contain more items than wallets.
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I like to use a wallet and it has been what I have been used for years now though it's not just one but different ones at different times but I try to buy them from time to time .

Having a wallet makes it easy to arrange money well in it and I can always know the amount of money I have in my wallet , storing it horizontally helps me count it easily and so can know when any is missing.
Having a wallet makes me not  to loose my change or coins because I can easily store them and there will be secured and intact there still needed.

The main essence of having a storage like s wallet is really upheld with a helps one store all money in a place.With a wallet money hardly get missing or misplaced.All what one need do is to just dropped them neatly in the wallet and it safe.
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Personally, I've made use of any of them ranging from pocket, wallet to purse. And this happened at different stages of my life. But I don't really place premium on where money or any valuable item can be kept, because at the end of the day, making sure that thing is safely tucked away and gotten back, that's my main concerned.
In retrospect, when I was in secondary school, as a boarding student, I was using waist pouch that can help to keep my money safely without losing them to thieves, which where very rampant in the hostel. As time progresses, I switched to pocket. One thing I didn't like about pocket is that it doesn't provide safe keeping of money, especially if you're the type who is having a leaking pocket, where money can fall without you noticing it.

Presently, I make use of wallet, which I considered to be best, as it can house not only money, but also other valuable items like ATM and ID cards, receipts, invoices etc.

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