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There are some people who are so addicted to watching movies especially when the movies are series. There is a particular boy living in my neighborhood who loves to watch movies more than anything else. In fact he's watched all the movies that I can think of. 

How often do you watch movies? 

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I really love to watch movies.Watching movies is one of my biggest forms of entertainment. I can watch on TV, PC and even mobile. I grew up in a family of movie freaks and right from my formative years, I was always watching age appropriate movies. So watching movies for me is almost natural. There was a time when I had a lot of time on my hands and I watched a great deal of movies as latest as they came.

These days however, I can't say the same. I'm so busy with real life that I'm having less and less time but because I love movies, I try to make out sometime for them. I have a really long list of movies to catch up on, series to binge watch. Soon my time will being flexible again and I'll do just that. Movies are great for relaxing over popcorn or a cup of coffee.
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I have the habit of going to the cinema at least once every month and it's all because of how good it feel watching movies in the high definition of cinema movies. 
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Asides from musuc, movie time for me is the most entertaining part of my day. Watching movies is like a must do, so I find myself watching anything from sci-fi, thrillers, crimes and sometimes adventure movies. I kind of like series too, but sometimes the wait on a new episode takes my patience away and I tend to loose interest.

I believe I grew up with the habit of watching movies. My parents made sure of that. Although my dad was barely around, he made certain to always come along with dozens of movies whenever he was on leave and back home. My mum, she was and still is a movie lover. I can't even get my hands around the satellite remote whenever am in the house with her. I come from a line of movie lovers, I guess I kind of inherited it in a way. Lol.
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I grew up loving movie series. Even now as I'm typing this reply, I'm watch one Korean movie drama series called The Emperor. Movies makes me relaxed. 
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Yeah, I love series too, but the wait on a new episode takes my patience to an eager level. Right now am enjoying scenes of the series, the walking dead. 
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I watch movies more often than not,maybe thrice weekly because movie watching is one of my hobby.Anytime I'm just tired of working and I need what will keep me relaxed to release stress I just get an interesting movie to watch.
Watching movies for me is not just for entertainment I try to learn so much from it. It could be life's lessons, how to cope in a situation, acquring knowledge or having a discovery, that's why I watched movies that are teachable not just any kind of movies.

I have been able to stablilze my financial life from a movie I watched years back the "The million castles" it a must watch movie. Movies like this makes me understand the power of seeing a well scripted movie it can help bring out the best in anyone.
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I'm not a fan of playing games with my smartphone but movies are part and parcel with my smartphone. I have a lot of movies on my phone which allows me to watch anytime and anywhere I desire to.
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When it comes to leisure, entertainment and relaxation, watching movies is something that I can't seriously do without because it adds a lot to my relaxation of body and mind. The truth of the matter is that there are so many movies someone can watch today both seasonal movies and selection movies as it's called over here. Those who are addicted to watching movies will never run out of options because new movies keeps getting released on daily basis.

Back in the days when I was still younger, I'm was very much addicted to watching movies and even going to the cinema. I made it a point of duty to visit the cinema at least twice in a week. Now, I still try my best to watch highly rated movies but I'm no longer as addicted as I used to be. It's only on weekends that I have time for movies.
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I go through phases where I watch movies a lot mainly in the winter months when I am less likely to be out and about. I prefer horror and comedy but I will watch most genres. I certainly wouldn't like to be without Netflix as there are so many good movies to watch there.

I don't go to the cinema much because I find it has become too expensive so only go as an occasional treat for my granddaughter. I prefer to watch them in the comfort of my own home where I have a choice of many rather than what is being shown at the cinema.

I know that some people watch far more than I do because people talk about the latest films and I haven't seen them although I do make a mental note of those  that are recommended to me by friends or family. I tend to shy away from the old cowboy and indian type movies as they are just not the type of thing I like to watch although my partner loves them.
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Yes, I do believe that there are people who loves to watch movies. I have friends that are movie goers and I can see they are very enthusiastic when watching movies. They are so excited and when they happen to watch it, they will either get the high feeling or disappointment. I have friend who is a film critic.She always love to see something unique in the plot of a movie. She gets satisfaction with unique plot that is why she loves Indie Film, but most of the times she came out of the cinema feeling disappointed. I think she dreams to make a movie of her own. she is a writer too and I really admire her stories. She loves to be a director too and she gets a lot of idea from the movies she watch. Me, I don't watch when I know I don't have enough money.
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I always wanted to watch movie every now and then. There are days that I can watch up to five movies straight in a day. I always look for good movies online and try to download them before I sit and watch. I barely watch television shows now since I am addicting to movies.
I keep all my downloaded movies in my hard drive. And there are times I watch movies again and again. My children likes to watch movies too that's how we spent time together. These makes my children well behave.
If I rate myself how often I watch movies in a week, I can rate 5 out of 7 days.I watch most type of genre of movies except horror and thriller. I can't dare to watch horror movie anymore after I had watch the conjuring. That is the most nightmare movie for me.
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Well, honestly speaking, I can't remember when was the last time I sat down to watch a movie talk more of movies. I was once like the guy you referred to in your write ups. Before now, there was no movie out I wasn't aware of. I was such a movie freak to the point that anytime I returned home for holiday, I will watch all the movies at home before I will go back to school.

And it didn't just stop there, I was so into watching movies on digital satellite television that I used to sleep 3 to 4 am every day. The watching of movies was my hobby way back then.

But ever since I began a grown up man with personal responsibilities, I realized that, life is not a bed of roses, and I have to wake myself up from that act of joblessness of watching movies all day long without been productive with my time.
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When it comes tonhow often do I watch movies, I will have to say that it is not that often as I am a very busy somebody that always have to do one task or the other everyday. I have been looking and there's something that I have discovered which is that those that watch movies a lot may develop the issue with the eyes and that is something that I always work towards avoiding.

You wouldn't expect me to be spending more than 20 hours of my day with my eyes fixed on the big screen trying to watch movies that may probably be teaching me so little on how I am going to get better in my life. I believe that there is need for those of us that are young to limit the way that we watch movies because apart from the risk of having eyes issues, it is also frowned on as someone being lazy.

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