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There are so many habits different people engage in on daily basis and smoking is part of such habits. It's warned that smokers are liable to die young, so it's advisable not to smoke too often. 

Do you engage in smoking? 
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No I don't but most of my siblings does and it wasn't really good. I don't like the smell of it and I can't barely breathe if I can smell smokes.

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9 Answers

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No I don't smoke because  I am not convinced that smoking has any benefits to me.
However,  I have noticed that people from very cold regions of the world usually smokes, from enquiry I was told that those who smokes does  that to prevent pneumonia due to excess cold in the region and they smoke mostly in the morning when the weather is cold,  I was also told there is a substance that they takeb to flush out impurities that might be in the lungs to prevent infection which to an extent I understood with them but lots of people smoke for no reason or probably due to peer pressure.

The worst part is that most of these smokers even smoke when the weather is very hot especially the ones that don't the danger in smoking.
Note is not only the smokers that are liable to die young also the percieve smokers too.
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You can always take hot tea during the cold. There are plenty healthy one and drinking tea increases our fluid intake. Maybe that is just an excuse. 
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It's just the addiction my friend. They make excuses with the weather being too cold for them to smoke at will but they still engage in smoking when it's boiling hot. 
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You know the problem of addiction or addicted person is that he or she always find a convincing to justify his or her actions. 
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I don't smoke. I've never tried to smoke in my entirely life and I don't see the need to. I would never even advise anyone to smoke once in a while. That's how it becomes a habit. One stick a week or a month becomes an everyday thing.

I understand that some people were pressured by peers to take up the habit. Others just wanted to know what it feels like. The thing is, nothing good comes out of smoking. Health wise or morally. Even when you are going through tough times, it may just give you temporary relief just like alcohol and then it's the same again. So if you rely on smoking and the likes, you'll find yourself going back again and again.

I don't judge people who smoke but I believe that they should be smart enough to make the right choice because eventually, the habit will catch up with them.
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I agree with you that we shouldn't be smoking. The first time that anyone does it will be the point where it gets to becoming a habit for them. 
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Yes, I do. I started smoking when I was 20 years old. At first it was just out of plain curiosity, as most of my friends smoke and I wanted to know how smoking made them feel. It wasn't easy but like any other thing that you decide do often, you eventually get better. So there, I started with 1 to 2 sticks a day, which turned into 5-6 sticks per day. It became worse. I did not only get addicted with smoking but with drinking as well. Even though I was only convinced by my friends to try it, I know I was also at fault for giving in to the pressure. And knowing how things would turn out, I never once encourage any of my non-smoker friends to try it.

One thing I'm proud of myself is that no matter how addicted I am to smoking, quitting has never been a problem for me. There were months when I really wouldn't smoke--not even once. But there are circumstances, which always make me go back to this bad habit.
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Smoking is very bad for someone's health and the funny thing is that those who smokes are very much aware of this devastating effects of smoking but they still engages in smoking like their lives are 100 percent dependent on the cigarette or any other things that they smoke.

I don't smoke and would never even consider smoking at all to being with because I have seen so many people who suffered and died from cancer of the lungs and heart which was all caused by excessive smoking of cigarettes. My aunty is a nurse in one of the general government hospitals over and I do visit her often which was how I came to see a lot of people suffering from the serious side effects of smoking.

To tell you how much I hate smoking and the smell of cigarettes, I wouldn't even be friends with someone I know that is addicted to smoking.
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I used to smoke when I was young as it was very fashionable back in the seventies. I can only think it was peer pressure that started me off as I really didn't like it to begin with, it made me feel ill. I gave up when I became pregnant with my first child and have never gone back so it will have been around 38 years since I kicked the habit. Hopefully my lungs will have recovered in that time.

My sister was a heavy smoker up until recently when she developed a lung abscess. She was in hospital for weeks having it drained and had terrible pain. I was shocked at her appearance when I first saw her as she look so grey and ill. She recovered and has never touched another cigarette since and I am relieved. They also discovered she had breast cancer while she was in having treatment and she has had surgery, chemo and radiotherapy in the last two years, She says she would never smoke again because she knows it could have a real impact on her health. I still worry about her but at least she is doing all she can to live a healthy life now.
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No,I have never smoked in my entire life though my friends try to lure me but I'm still glad till now that I never did and I will never do.i think people should just stop smoking since it has no heaith benefits and comes with alot of life's problems and complications.
Smoking comes with untimely death, definitely true that smokers are liable to die Young. It's on record that 70% of smokers are prone to die very early in life than non smokers so it one habit that people should give up.

Smoking comes with all sort of diseases and health problem like cancer of the lungs,bladdar, stomach, mouth etc. Which most times victims don't survive it.
I don't think we gain anything from smoking even if there were, the effects drowns any benefits it has. So I rather not smoke.
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Everyone has habits, some of which we are not aware of, or even think there are bad habits. I personally don't take smoking as a bad habit, just a habitual behavior a lot of people disagree with.

Yes, smoking might pose negative or dangerous health risk to the body, but same can be said with a lot of other things we do. A non-smoker may be engaging on other habitual activity that might have even greater consequences than smoking. So I honestly do not see any reason why smoking is generally condemned and smokers seen as if they're passing through a death sentence. A lot of people do not even know the contents of a cigarette, I guess they all just follow in the words of others which is like a norm in the society these days.

To answer your question, No, am not an addicted smoker. I've tried it in the past, when I use to be a crazy kind of guy.
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Yes, I used to, but not anymore. Smoking was a habit I picked up when I was a teenager, specifically, when I was in secondary school. It become part of me till I attained an adulthood age. Sincerely, I was into it due to peer pressure. Back then, I thought for me to be accepted by my friends, I have to do what they where doing.

I could remembered clearly when I was a kid, when I used to brag with my friends that I will never smoke. I used to see people who smoke as bad. And to my greatest surprise, I found myself doing what I once condemned.

Sadly, my smoking years was irreconcilable with the type of lifestyle I really wanted to lead, but I had to continue with it, because I thought it was the only way to be seen as social and respected. Unknowing to me, I was not only putting my health at risk, but also tarnishing my image in the public. People that once respected me regarded me disdainfully as misfit immediately they found out I was into smoking.

Thankfully, at some point, I was able to kick the habit, and since then, I never looked back. Now, I look back in disgust to know I was once a smoker. It breaks my heart but I have taken comfort in the new person I have become.
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Great question. I do not smoke nor have I ever smoked. My father died in his fifties from smoking related diseases. These diseases included heart problems, chronic lung disease and an ineffective immune system. My mother, who was not a smoker, died from second hand smoke. Inhaling my father's cigarette smoke for more than 30 years she developed a maxillary sinus tumor which rapidly spread throughout her body. As a physician, before leaving practice, I treated hundreds of people who contracted various illnesses from chronic nicotine use. Nicotine affects more than the lungs and heart. This toxin ages people giving them the appearance of being decades older. In the event you smoke try to stop immediately. Your health provider has many supplements he or she can access to help you quit. There are also many regimens available without a prescription. The death toll from smoking is horrific. Yet on a positive note the body has great recuperative powers. Thank you for allowing me to answer your question. Mark Davis MD
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