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While I was watching the Juvenile match yesterday in which the current World Footballer of the year in the person of Cristiano Ronaldo scored, a tweet popped up that no player has been involved in more goals and assist than him this season in the league. 

That brings to question of how do you think the team will perform this season with him in their ranks? 
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I like Christian Ronaldo, he us a good  player, well I hope his team will assist more as its a team not Ronaldo by itself.

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I think in my personal opinion, the team will do very well with the presence of a great player like ronaldo. Because even from his performance lately, you will believe with me that such a player is a blessing to the world of football.

When Christiano Ronaldo moved to Juventus from Madrid, I for one trust his capability but at then I was believing a single player can't make a whole team work.

Need I know, that Ronaldo's presence will take Juventus this high and surprisingly, he scores goals in almost all match and contributes majorly in main assists.

When Ronaldo left Madrid many fans were actually not happy with him because a lot of Madrid fans already pencil him down as their llegend but then, his career made him leave. And Madrid is suffering from his absence right now.

In fact, i'm forced to believe that Ronaldo was the real Madrid and he stands out everywhere he goes. Same thing happened in manchester united then during the reign of Sir Alex Ferguson.
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He is a nice lady that brings great vibes to every team that he plays in. I believe that him moving to Juve was a big blow to Real Madrid which they didn't notice till this moment that they are getting to understand how important he was for the team. 
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Christiano Ronaldo is an iconic player, a team player and an exemplary footballer who works really hard to earn his place in any team.

Ronaldo played excellently when was with Manchester United. He brought the same spirit to Real Madrid where his football career was defined earning him a spot as one the world's best footballers ever.

On the subject of him being successful at Juventus, I think it's only a matter of time. I personally believe his going to light up the club with his good spirit and passion for the game of football. It is without any doubt that he'll do even better in juventus. And so far, his doing a great job. I've watched almost every game his played since transferring to juventus. And I haven't seen anything that will make me think otherwise. I bet Real Madrid is regretting the transfer deal right now.
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The last time I checked Cristiano Ronaldo's playing statistics in Juventus, he had 7 goals and 5 assist. It's barely 4 months he joined the Old Ladies. He would most likely get his 50 goals haul by the end of the season if he keeps performing on this level. 
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Cristiano Ronaldo will always be the greatest football player of all time till he hangs his football playing boots in my eyes. When he was in Real Madrid, he broke every standing records held by some great payers of the club in the past. When he fell out with the current Real Madrid President Mr. Perez and he was sold to Juventus for €100 million Euros, most Real Madrid players believed they were better off without him especially Gareth Bale, Isco and Ramos but look at Real Madrid today far down in Spanish La Liga table being 9th or even 10th.
But ever since Cristiano Ronaldo joined Juventus, positive things started happening to the club. Their stock rose tremendously. They won 10 straight matches in all competitions for the first time in the club's history. Cristiano Ronaldo has been involved in more goals and assist than any other player in Siera A.

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