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Getting a job that can be able to pay you as much as you want is something that is becoming a challenge to a lot of people. Which job do you think will pay more in this current time? 
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lI have heard that working in a engineering department especially the architects get most of high pay job.
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My advice for you would be to look for capital and start your own business and work towards paying yourself whatever you need from the effort you put into the business.

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That's why is good to study professional courses while in school because there are the job path that one can work on and earn very good money. Though everyone can't be professional but then if one need good money and a good placement after school. Then some professional courses should be studied.

Courses like Engineering, Architectural,Accoujting ,medical sciences,law,computer science amongst other should be studied for very good job opportunities after school.

In my country most parastatals,companies,ministries,org organization looks for people that studied courses in those fields and the pay is always good too and another good thing is that people in these fields Don't find it difficult to get a good job.

So good companies will want to employ people from professional sectors.
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It's going to be a little difficult being specific and pointing out which job pays more given the different fields of work. But I guess certain factors can be used in determining which jobs probably pays better. In saying so, i believe it will depend on your level of profession, chosen field and most importantly, the region or location of the job.

Some type of jobs require a certain level of profession and experience to be secured. Those type of jobs usually pays better than other jobs. Even regular paying jobs gets better paid when you get a promotion. And as you know, promotions come with experience and professionalism on the job.

We've seen a very significant rise in technology over the years compared to past times. Almost every works of life is gradually becoming digital. Drawing from this, i'd say that technology base jobs, like Informations technology, software engineers these days pays more than other jobs.This is because of the stated reason earlier and also the rising demand on technology products and services, and also company's efforts in keeping pace with advancing technologies.

Location as I stated earlier is also one factor that can determine best paying jobs. This is solely because of the economic difference in regions or countries. A janitor in a developing nation like Nigeria might be earning at most 15,000 naira a month, which is an equivalent of $50. In a developed nation like the United states, the janitor will be earning $50 in probably less than a week. This is how location plays a role in the pay of any job.
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In reality, there is no job that would be able to pay you what you really want and be satisfied. I know this my assertion sounds very weird, but I don't think this is the first time you must have heard about it. Jobs are not meant for you to be rich, but instead for you to get by and manage to pay your bills, if possible build yourself a single mini house, have some foods on the table for you and your family, buy a car, and that's all.

What would make you to be wealthy and live a life of opulence like the rockfellas is work, not job. You can get sacked in job because it's somebody that hired you, but you can never get fired in doing your work.

What am I saying in essence is that you can only become rich by becoming a boss of your own. It's only through this you can become free from the fear and anxiety that comes with working for another man.
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The job that pay best depends on country where you reside. Like in my country, at the moment people working in crude oils related companies hhave richer pay than those in other sectors with exception of Government oor political office holders.
But to cut it all with more realistic fact, the highest paid job  a lucrative enviroment is entrepreneurship business. Research and visibility sstudy has proven that people producing and selling controls the world economy. Owingvtovfact that, thethe system is independent and delf reliance.

The major people controlling the world economy are not working for anyone rather they have you and I wworking for them. The best job that can earn a better future is to invest on entrepreneurship business that will make you boss of your own.
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Seriously, when you are looking at getting a job that pays more than enough to take care of all your personal needs that you have nothing else to worry about, then I would be the first person to inform you that you are simply living in a Disney world because such kind of work doesn't exist anywhere in the world especially when you are looking at working for someone or a business company or business firm. There is no way possible that such companies would be able to pay you what is going to be enough to take care of all your responsibilities.
Incase you haven't noticed, when you are working for a company, they never pay you what's equivalent to the effort you put into working for them. The only best way to get paid what would be enough to take care of your responsibilities would be to work as your own boss.
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